South East Asia Awards 2021

10 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Research Data & Analytics Group of the Year 2021 YouGov is amarket leading provider of consumer market insights, analytics, and data that is critical to its clients, allowing them tomake informed business decisions and plan their market strategies better. Encouraging these customers, its industry as a whole, and the world during the international pivot towards a shift from traditional to digital marketing, YouGov has been hard at work to ensure marketing professionals have all the consumer market information they need at their fingertips. As an international research data and analytics group, YouGov offers its clients a wide range of data-led research solutions which support the marketing activities for its clients across a wide spectrum from media owners and brands to media agencies. YouGov’s solutions are one of the most comprehensive consumer research systems across the globe, including YouGov BrandIndex, a daily brand perception tracker; YouGov Profiles – an audience planning and segmentation tool for multi-media marketers; YouGov RealTime, the most cost-efficient way to glean quick and accurate insights into various industry in 70 markets internationally. All data that YouGov provides is delivered by YouGov Crunch –one of the world’s leading analytics tool – a super-fast processing solution that has drag and drop simplicity. YouGov’s research solutions are cost effective, and fast across the board, allowing clients to reach the right audience through online / national representative and specialist samples. Consequentially, it has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, and made itself a cornerstone of the industry. This surety in its own work is bolstered by its own comprehensiveness, with opinion and behavioural data collected from over 15 million members in 60+ different markets – nominally, it comes pre-loaded with a vast pool of resources to pull from, and ready to be of use in planning, developing, and communicating its marketing. All of this is also informed by its mission: to allow clients access to a continuous stream of accurate data on what the world thinks, so that organisations can better serve the communities that sustain them. Additionally, YouGov is a pioneer of online market research as a whole. This has given it a track record of data accuracy, innovation, and consistent outperformance of its competitors, backed up by a study by the Pew Research Centre that proved as much. With the best panel, the best data, and the best tools, it was also able to help its clients elegantly pivot to online marketing in the face of the pandemic, ensuring that they have access to the insights they need to ensure their public facing communications are tonally correct. YouGov is honoured to say that the reason it is able to do this is that so many end users trust it with their candid thoughts and opinions. Furthermore, over the past year, there has been a shift from traditional marketing towards digital – something YouGov always knew was on the cards – and a move that it has been able to encourage its sector in making. This is something YouGov has been keeping an eye on in order to support its clients’ pivots, made especially possible with its new panels across 15 new markets, allowing it to meet the demand from clients requesting more detailed insights. This is something YouGov looks forward to continuing long into the future, as the resilience of its business model continues to shape a bright future for both it and its clients. Company: YouGov Contact: Julien Chevignon, CEO of APAC Website: Email: [email protected] Apr21253