South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 7 Best Boutique Travel Agency – Singapore: SONNENKIND Having won several awards and working for the most prestigious brands is exactly that proof. What does the brand name Sonnenkind mean? Sonnenkind is actually the nickname my father gave me as a little girl. It is German and basically means “child of the sun”. When I founded the company, I wanted to say thank you all that my dad had done for me – that’s why I chose to call my first company “Sonnenkind”. When I told my dad, he had tears in his eyes and said in a shaky voice: “I wasn’t even sure if you’d remember the nickname I gave you, my dear Sonnenkind.” What is your background? I look back on an executive career with BMW globally. I left the corporate world as Director of Marketing for BMW Asia end of 2017 to pursue my dream and create more unforgettable experiences for clients and unleash excellence in individuals and teams. Today I am not only an award-winning entrepreneur and marketing expert but also a successful global keynote speaker and bestselling author. My credo is to always fully focus on your strengths and do what you’re most passionate about – that way you cannot but excel. How do you see the world after COVID-19? People are so hungry to travel again and now more than ever before do they deserve extraordinary experiences. We cannot wait for borders to be fully open again so we can take our clients by the hand and create magical moments and unforgettable memories for them. Company: Sonnenkind Pte Ltd Contact: Sonja Piontek (Founder & CEO) Website: Email: [email protected]