Singapore Business Awards 2023

Jan23066 Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Adcos International, based in Belgium. The company specializes in construction chemicals and has extensive experience in serving customers in over 50 countries around the world. Its Managing Director, Daniel Leong, shares insights into the company’s success as it receives the prestigious Singapore Business Award in 2023. “Do It Once, Do It Right!” Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Adcos) was founded in 2019 in Singapore and has quickly established itself as an award-winning business in a niche sector. Managing Director, Daniel Leong, says, “Adcos’s focus on growth and expansion centers on its core business of providing highperformance construction chemicals for a wide range of civil and industrial applications. The company is a leading manufacturer and systemhouse for waterproofing, leak sealing, ground engineering, structure rehabilitation, and steel protection.” Dedicated to each and every customer it works with, Adcos tailors its services to help them maintain their projects with ease. Its chemical solution helps customers to do everything right and do everything once. By ensuring everything is done to a high standard, Adcos has built an excellent reputation amongst its customers. “Customer trust us with their projects, engineering issues, properties so that they can be leak proof permanently and enjoy peace of mind.” Forging relationships based on trust, transparency, and expert skills, Adcos guarantees its products will completely transform and revolutionise the businesses it assists. Daniel tells us, “Our products are based on the closed cell foam technology to provide permanent effectiveness against high water ingress. This is different from most products in the market, which uses water-reactive foams (open cell) as temporary waterstopping measures.” Unlike open-cell solutions, where the foam remains permeable and relies on second pass injections, Adcos’s closed cell technology doesn’t need second pass injections, nor does it have any spontaneous capillary absorption, It is solid and impenetrable, meaning no leakage and better durability for an incredible length of time. “Our portfolio offers a wide range of specialty chemicals designed to solve complex issues such as dampness, heavy water ingress, structure leakage repair, and soil settlement with ultra-fine cavities. While it is challenging to resolve all issues with one product, we provide flexibility, adaptation, and customization to meet the specific needs of every project.” Adcos’s team provides worldclass service and technical support, showcasing their positive attitude, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities on a daily basis. Daniel emphasizes, “Your business is our business. We take ownership of our customers’ business. Therefore, with these qualities, we can go the extra mile for our clients. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for achievement.” Adcos believes that “the sky is the limit, and everything is possible.” The company aims to expand globally to help even more customers worldwide. For now, we celebrate Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s win as the Best Leak Sealing and Chemical Grouting Company 2023. We look forward to seeing what Adcos will achieve next as it continues to provide highquality service and products. Contact: Daniel Leong Company: Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Web Address: Best Leak Sealing and Chemical Grouting Company 2023