Singapore Business Awards 2023

Eratech Pte Ltd. (EPL) was born in 1983 as Eratech Industrial Engineering (EIE). It was established to be a leader in its industry, and has always focused on precision metal machining, tools and die, jig and fixtures design, and material fabrication. Here we take a closer look as it wins a title in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Best Spare Parts & Metal Machining Company 2023 “EPL – A SYNONYM FOR EFFICIENCY MACHINING AND PRODUCTION AUTOMATION” Eratech Pte Ltd. (EPL) “is the answer for all your machining needs: including prototype, small lot, and high volume production parts.” It has CNC equipment capable of machining a variety of materials, and a lengthy amount of experience that has guided it to its fine success. Exploring the world of machining and production automation, EPL ensures it is certified ad smoothly operated. Under the International Standard, ISO 9001:2000, since 2000, it utilises its innovative technologies and processes to continually improve overall quality. As a plus, every service is delivered on time, every time, for the best customer experience available in the industry. With a vision come true, EPL has become a leader in this sphere – and we look to it for inspiration. Its enthusiastic team is made up of highly talented individuals ready to revolutionize the industry. They have all been working hard in the company and, with many years of combined experience, they are altering the way we see machining companies. They produce aerospace aviation, semiconductor, optical imaging equipment, and much more – ensuring a myriad of industries get what they need to succeed. “Our mission is to continuously innovate, create, develop, and use state of the art machining facilities, services and technology. So as to provide the best value & quality products & services to our customer.” Dedicated to offering affordable services of the highest quality, EPL commits to every project no matter how big or small it is. It provides high-tech precision machining products for a plethora of industries. Its turnkey solutions ensure customers can conduct projects with Jan23574 no hassle or problems. – for a better, easier, and more sustainable, valuable future. Now, winning Best Spare Parts & Metal Machining Company 2023 is no small feat but Eratech Pre Ltd. has done so with flying colours. Its efforts and technologies have propelled it forwards in the industry. It has done more than develop its own ideas, it has been setting a great example for other business in Singapore and beyond. If you’re looking for a supplier of quality, cost-effective auto or semi-auto machinery then look no further – and visit http:// index.htm today. Contact: Hendry Loo Company: Eratech Pte Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web Address: sg/index.htm