APAC Singapore Business Awards 2017

, A globally recognized leader in ICT and ser- vices sector, Bankai Group is the carrier’s carrier with interests in wholesale as well as retail Voice and Telecom Technology busi- ness. We spoke to Manoj Jain (COO) to find out more. For more than 28 years, Bankai Group has been instrumental in providing ultimate Carrier Solu- tions worldwide. Headquartered in Kew Gardens, NY, the group has a local presence across five continents with offices in London, Singapore, Australia, India, Peru, Canada Los Angeles, UAE, Bra- zil, Tanzania, Egypt and Hawaii. Manoj outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail and ex- plains how the company works hard to offer clients. “Here at Bankai Group, we carry international voice and SMS traf- fic worldwide and streamline the businesses of mobile operators, and retail voice operators, through our sound industry knowledge and competitive pricing. Most of our primary partners are interna- tional household names, includ- ing BT Group, KDDI Global, Tata Communications, PCCW Global and other telecom giants. It is the strong relationships we have with telecoms giants and our pervasive brand presence amongst the carri- er business that sets us apart from our competitors. Our services and solutions are both converged and fragmented based on the specific requirements of clients.” “In order to provide them with the very best possible solutions that meet their needs, we aim to au- tomate their business processes through state of the art telecom services and solutions. Emanci- pating the limitations of traditional voice trading business, we recent- ly launched the first ever automat- ed carrier platform – BridgeVoice, the smart convergence of funding, bidding and earning for online trad- ing and settlement of carrier voice services. We develop products and services that are compatible with the ever-changing technolo- gy trends and are cost-effective enough to cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses.” In order to capitalise on its current success and continue to provide its clients with the services they need, Bankai Group has a number of developments in the pipeline which will keep it at the forefront of the latest industry innovations, as Mr. Manoj Jain concludes. “As we look towards the future, we aspire to virtualize the network functions to radically transform and modernize the telecom indus- try through unparalleled Carrier and Hubbing services. We are also in the process of creating with the white label offering of our on- line carrier portal BridgeVoice to provide carriers and operators with an automated voice as well as an SMS trading portal.” Company: Bankai Group Contact: Mr. Manoj Jain (Chief Operating Officer) Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 80 – 02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 1040, New York, 11415, USA Phone: 1 818 450 5777 Best Voice Carrier Solutions Wholesaler 2017 N Mundipharma Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based healthcare com- pany dedicated to providing patients with the very highest possible standard of medicines. We invited Mundipharma Presi- dent, Raman Singh, to tell us more. Drawing on over 60 years’ experience, Mundipharma is dedicated to alleviating suffering, and improving quality of life, for patients. Raman outlines how Mundipharma achieves this through dedication and commitment to excellence. “As a network of independent associated companies, we are able to put patients at the heart of everything we do. This includes a commitment to providing affordable treatment, and focussing on specialist therapy areas in which we can make the most difference: Analgesia, Oncology, Oncology Supportive Care, Ophthalmology, Respiratory and Consumer Healthcare. Our patient-centric approach is supported by innovation to enable scientific breakthroughs that result in better medicines as well as entrepreneurship to create growth, which increases the number of patients we can reach.” Ultimately, Mundipharma’s success has been driven by its dedicated and skilled workforce, and over the coming months and years it will look to grow this in order to support more patients, as Raman concludes. “Our people’s dedication to putting patients at the heart of every business decision has enabled us to grow – geographically, in the number of our people and in terms of performance. We have massively expanded operations, increased our number of people and achieved 18 consecutive quarters of growth across our region. “We’re aiming to continue, and build, on this growth trajectory because this has a direct impact on increasing the number of medicines we can provide and the number of patients we can reach. Already this year we have launched three new medicines in Singapore – two for oncology supportive care, and BETADINE® Cold Defence for consumer healthcare – and there are more in the pipeline.” Company: Mundipharma Pte Ltd Contact: Stephenie Vasko Email: [email protected] Address: 12 Marina View, #22-01 Asia Square Tower 2, 18961, Singapore Phone: 65 6303 9732 Website: www.mundipharma.com.sg Best Analgesic Medicine Company 2017 ASB17012 ASB17013