APAC Singapore Business Awards 2017

12 APAC / 2017 Singapore Business Awards , Founded in 2001, DTC has a strong specialization on ad- vertising gifts and marketing point of sales merchandise. Jason outlines how the firm has worked hard to deliver the very highest standard of gifts since inception. “Here at DTC, we work closely with our customers to develop unique promotional products per- fect to meet their marketing and promotional needs. DTC follows the motto to bring the best value to our customers by providing good designs, services and pricing customised to individual client’s needs. We believe by constantly learning, innovating to create val- ue to our customers, our relation- ship with our customer will evolve from a supplier to a long term part- ner. These belief helps to contrib- ute to our success in retaining ex- isting customers and getting new customers.” Looking to the future, DTC has a number of exciting plans for growth, as Jason is eager to em- phasise in his concluding com- ments. “Moving forward, to progress DTC from a Singapore gift company to a SEAS regional marketing mer- chandise procurement special- ist, we are exploring to expand our procurement offices to SEAS countries too. In May this year, we will be opening our procurement office in Vietnam. We believe this new procurement office will help to increase our factories network, offering more products options for our clients. “For our upcoming three-year plan, we intend to expand our foot- hold in the SE Asia market by set- ting up sales offices in Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia. We fore- see there is huge growth potential in these emerging markets. These new sales offices will allow us to be closer to our regional custom- ers, enabling us to service them more effectively and efficiently.” Company: DTC World Corporation Pte Ltd Contact: Jason Cheng Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 7 Gambas Crescent #05-24, Ark @ Gambas, Singapore 757087 Phone: (65) 6397 5818 Website: www.dtcworld.com.sg Best Corporate Gift Provider 2017 N The Straumann Group is a global leader in tooth replacement solutions that restore smiles and confi- dence. We invited Lingga Tanamal to tell us more. The Straumann Group unites global and international brands that stand for excellence, inno- vation and quality in tooth re- placement and aesthetics. In collaboration with leading clin- ics, institutes and universities, the group researches, develops, manufactures and supplies dental implants, instruments, CADCAM prosthetics, biomaterials and dig- ital solutions for use in tooth re- placement and restoration or to prevent tooth loss. Headquartered in Basel, Switzer- land, the Group employs approx- imately 3 800 people worldwide and its products, solutions and services are available in more than 100 countries through a broad network of distribution sub- sidiaries and partners. Lingga outlines the group’s mission and how it works to ensure that clients always receive the support and service they need. “Here at the Straumann Group, our vision is more than creating smiles, restoring confidence; we want to be the partner of choice in tooth replacement. At the heart of the Group’s strategy to achieve this are three key priorities which provided our focus in 2016 were to drive a high-performance cul- ture and organization; target un- exploited growth markets and segments; and, ultimately, to be- come a total solution provider in tooth replacement.” Looking to the future, Lingga is eager to focus on the group’s re- cent strategic move in Singapore and how this will help drive inno- vation in Singapore. “Since 2008 Straumann had the privilege to be represented in Singapore through Implant Focus Pte. Ltd., which was the driving force behind the growth of our brand. The global expansion of our company has led to it is time for us to open a new chapter in our success story. As of 1st July 2017, the Straumann Group will begin its operations directly in Singapore in addition to being the APAC regional office. “Our decision to invest in a direct sales subsidiary in Singapore is a significant, and long-term com- mitment to this market. Having established subsidiaries in Chi- na, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India, Singapore is the 6th fully fledged Straumann subsidiary in Asia-Pacific. It is not only an important regional hub for us but also a focus market. With a direct presence we will continue to focus on best-in-class service, professional education, practice- growth programs and bring inno- vations to Singapore faster.” Company: Straumann Pte Ltd Contact: Lingga Tanamal Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 250 North Bridge Road, #19-05, Raffles City Tower, 179101, Singapore Phone: 65 6351 9181 Best Dental Technology Company 2017 ASB17014 ASB17001