Q3 2022

In short, it improves asset productivity, elevating a client’s investments to give greater returns through a higher state of efficiency and a resultingly higher output of what makes the enterprise its money. With improved asset productivity, so much more is possible for a company, and this is something that each of its clients has been finding over their partnerships with TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD, earning TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD the unwavering support and glowing commendations from heavy hitters in all manner of professional capacities. Championing its ease of use, simplicity, flexibility, mobility, and reusability, it has been rested and applied successfully across a multitude of different industries like hospital equipment maintenance, critical breakdown, and more, influencing better handling of potential risks before they can become threats. When dealing with especially volatile plants and facilities, this is especially crucial. Indeed, this even goes for its fleet management services, as its expertise has been proven to improve the reliability of hospital equipment and ambulance maintenance, where breakdowns could mean loss of life. This also goes for fleet maintenance in seaports and the like, where accidents are usually caused by the poor application of preventative measures which consequently incur unnecessary delays in shipments, making for an increase in opportunity costs. Indeed, in recent years, the private companies and governmental sectors it has worked for have been consistently lauding TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD as an invaluable and indispensable element of their internal processes, coming to rely on it for the impeccable level of increased returns on investments that it makes possible. With a mission to instil, inculcate, and cultivate long-term partnerships internationally with technology that improves businesses on a deep internal level, it hopes to continue the trajectory towards further success that it has been enjoying since its founding. Company: TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD Contact: Clarence Wong Web: http://tomms.com.my/