Q3 2022

Jan22686 Most Innovative Enterprise Asset Management Solutions - Malaysia TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD, a technologically enabled and singularly innovative Enterprise Asset management platform, has made a name for itself over the years with high-impact, high-reliability asset management. Having developed an innovative and trustworthy management platform that enables the thorough status maintenance of fleets, facilities, and plants, it develops and deploys only the smartest and most reliable cutting edge technologies to its customers and vendors. Working in fleet maintenance, plant maintenance, and facility maintenance, TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD is a Malaysian company and incorporated group of IT professionals and technological entrepreneurs. Nominally, its business plan focuses on the undertaking of research, design, development, and commercialisation of a comprehensive suite of solutions for excellent enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management for the industry. Its recognition, awarded by the Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation, is an accreditation for companies that invest and operate their ICT activities towards promoting innovation, assisting companies to reach new technological frontiers. Fundamentally, it identifies which companies are global players in their industries, partnering with other IT giants and linchpin companies in order to provide opportunity, enrichment, and success for Malaysia and the wider world. These efforts result in new frontiers being reached in a variety of different technological fields – something that TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD is incredibly dedicated to making a reality – and with this company’s combined and diverse level of experience, it has made itself an indispensable element of its sector. Critically, boasting over 20 years of expertise in maintenance regarding fleets, plants, and facilities, as well as a huge amount of project management experience, its flagship product has been developed in a manner that is emboldened by the most frontrunning ingenuity. Its Total Maintenance Management Enterprise Solution Suite for which it is named – TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD – is making it so much easier for its fellow professionals to handle their internal logistics by the provision of integral features and built-in best practice. This takes the guesswork out of many of the weightiest processes involved in business management. Moreover, its TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD flagship solution was developed on the back of extensive research and discussions with potential user groups, including industry experts and market leaders, in order to gain a more comprehensive idea of what challenges its experts face daily in order to craft the base level requirements. Having envisaged that the TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD technological solution would become a critical pillar for so many, it was prepared for the popularity its launch accrued it, and able to hit the ground running. Therefore, its end-toend business proposition has facilitated the management of business assets in a holistic manner. Indeed, the comprehensive nature of its solutions has gone a long way in endearing it towards its market segment, and it has Apr22223 developed a standardised, endto-end business proposition that facilitates the management of its client’s assets in a way that takes a good amount of stress off their shoulders. By harnessing the power of technology to enable the delivery of totally integrated, accessible, predictive, and preventive services, it ensures sufficient and cost-effective resources to maintain continuity throughout. Crucially, its solutions also maintain the uptime of business assets in a reliable manner. This ensures that clients can have more faith and trust in their own internal assets, allowing them to aggregate fragmented company records and critical performance parameters into useful electronic information for a unified, cost effective, and outstandingly designed technology convergence platform. Additionally, its platform makes itself a highly integrated and critically functional part of the business models of its clients, with the ability to optimize, accelerate, and preserve good business practices for all manner of asset and logistical management being a core proficiency. Essentially, with these things being well managed through TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD, a client finds time to focus on what truly matters. For many of its clients, they find it doesn’t take long before TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD is saving it time and money, streamlining the services and solutions that would improve the organization’s bottom line by trimming the fat from its most weighty or complex internal processes. This manifests over three core focuses. Firstly, its clients find that when it comes to fleet maintenance, the use of TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD makes their vehicular assets that more much reliable; secondly, its plant maintenance increases uptime and reduces unnecessary inventory waste; and thirdly, its facility maintenance ensures that everything about an organizational headquarters can tick over well. Working in fleet maintenance, plant maintenance, and facility maintenance, TOMMS SYSTEMS SDN BHD is a Malaysian company and incorporated group of IT professionals and technological entrepreneurs.