Q3 2021

APAC / Issue Q3 2021 9 Waste Management Company of the Year - Malaysia their own waste management. Additionally, this in-depth and transparent approach to communication it something that has helped it cement a reputation for great customer service. In tandem with this, its own internal culture has been forged from the understanding and empathic treatment that it extends towards its customers. In essence, it has found that its employees and the people it has gathered around it are those willing to work with new challenges, those undaunted by a problem and ready to try and tackle it to the best of their ability. This has allowed for the development of an exemplary working culture of learning, responsibility, and delegation; from the newest employee to the most long-standing, everyone has the ability and capacity to keep learning and growing, and to upskill themselves by using the experience of those around them. Therefore, even though each team member of Lam Chong Group has their specialization in their field, they prize sharing this knowledge amongst the team. The employees of Lam Chong Group have created this environment over time in order to pull together a place that anyone can be proud to work at, with a great work ethic and a positive attitude that ripples out to the people around them and ensures a high level of teamwork and employee satisfaction. Lam Chong Group puts significant emphasis on the development of these interpersonal professional relationships. Fundamentally, it is the creation of these that allows a business to grow and thrive, enabling each team member to work towards their own goals as well as the wider goals of the company. Further to this, Lam Chong Group wishes to promote a healthy working lifestyle, believing that the relationship between employees is an important part of the health of the structure of the company. By treating each other with respect, kindness, and understanding, the direction of Lam Chong Group is set on a constant upward track empowered by the excellence of its staff, who can support each other during high-stress and high- pressure environments, achieving the best work every time. Of course, even a team as exemplary as the one Lam Chong Group boasts has encountered challenges during the past year. With labour shortages leading to a greater need for further automation, but automation meaning higher cost investments which were hard to justify during a time of global crisis, it found it had to walk a fine line between the implementation of further innovation and saving costs. It then had to handle the high competition in the source of valuable waste management services, an element of the Malaysian market segment which meant sourcing costs rose across the board – something that it worked with its clients in order to weather. In terms of reducing the incoming waste volume, the production output of its own plant, and the sales revenue of its business, it saw reductions. This threatened to be a serious challenge to its business, as, understandably, it turned inwards and worked with its team to ensure that everyone still felt supported and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, implementing the correct safety measures. It thanks its employees for their continued hard work and diligence during this time. Lastly, as Lam Chong Group begins to move away from the struggles of the past year and towards what the future might hold, it is excited to reveal with 2021 will be characterised by working closely with business partners from both Japan and China, all working together to advance the recycling and recovery sector for the good of the global market at large. Company: Lam Chong Trading Sdn Bhd Contact: Wang Ying Yap Website: https://lamchonggroup.com/home/