Q3 2021

8 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , Waste Management Company of the Year - Malaysia With decades of experience inwaste management and recovery, LamChong Group is a business bringing environmental responsibility and its importance to the forefront of its industry. With innovative, comprehensive, and end-to-end waste management that has allowed it to becomeMalaysia’s one-stop recycling solution, it is consistently pushing to find new and better ways to dispose of waste whilst not harming the planet. Lam Chong Group started with the first company, Lam Chong Trading Sdn Bhd in the business of recycling and recovery in Malaysia since 1989, and has grown since then, setting up the second company, Krubong Recovery Sdn Bhd in 2004. Fundamentally, Lam Chong Group is expert in the provision of comprehensive and end-to- end total waste management services that allow for its region to get on with the important things, instead of worrying about where their waste is going and its impact on the wider environment. In fact, Lam Chong Group’s greatest pride is in mitigating this impact. This includes the recycling and recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, nickel, copper, zinc, aluminium and indium, as well as polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester plastics, and other recyclable materials that would otherwise head to landfill. First and foremost, Lam Chong Group holds to its mission of becoming the most recognized end-to-end waste management and disposal service that provides the best of clean, safe, and health-conscious environments for future generations, in line with the motto that makes up the core of its being. In becoming the waste management firm empowered by the words ‘our environment, our responsibility’, it ensures that corporate environmental duty is always at the forefront of its mind. Moreover, as well as precious metals and plastics, Krubong Recovery Sdn Bhd is having legal licenses from Department of Environment Malaysia to manage hazardous wastes generated by mainly electrical / electronic industries, steel galvanizing industry and petrochemical industry. In addition, Lam Chong Trading Sdn Bhd’s plastic services can even handle plastic resin, using the newest and most innovative technologies in order to process and handle the quantity and quality of that particular waste product. This has allowed it to become a one stop service for waste management and waste scheduling. Furthermore, when working with a client to hash this out, it is always focusing on how it can work with them to make the best possible outcome happen for that client, establishing a full recovery factory that simplifies the waste process and that it is consistently happy to talk a client through. With the world on a constant and exponential technological tick towards more ingenuity, more innovations, and Jul21018 better equipment, Lam Chong Group works hard to keep ahead of this curve in its field, ensuring it is using the ideas of the best and the brightest in order to minimize pollution. Eventually, it has become a company proficient in the demonstration of superior customer services, which have helped us to differentiate from its competition. Another important factor of this has been the ability to meet – and far exceed – the requirements and expectations of its customers, keeping them up to date with its own changes and alterations, as well as how the process is going regarding