APAC Issue Q2 2019

APAC / Issue Q2 2019 7 , Feb19306 Giving Children the Best Possible Start There can be no doubt: early education – in any form- is a vital cornerstone in childhood development. Here, the foundations are established and strengthened, paving the way for success down the line. Naturally, families are eager to attain the very best care for their children – care that encourages their creativity, inventiveness, and forges those early social skills that will carry them through their schooling years. More than that, early education centres rely on trust. Parents need to trust that their child’s best interests will be kept at heart, as they flourish into the people that they will eventually become. Rainbow Station has thrived through an ability to create a community of children, educators and parents acting towards one unified goal – to help children attain their full potential. To help achieve this, Rainbow Station specialises in play-based learning, which allows those under their care to test and develop all types of motor skills, as well as promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Through this approach, the centre has amassed a loyal community, who stand by Rainbow Station’s methods and dedication to quality care. Based in Casino, New SouthWales, Rainbow Station Early Education Centre provides educational care for children age six weeks to six years, as well as occasional care for children age six to twelve. In February, the centre was recognised in APAC Insider’s APAC Excellence programon the back of their commitment to excellent care. Following this win, we decided to take a closer look at Rainbow Station to find out how they have created one of the finest early education centres in the region. “We want all families and children to feel supported in their environment and in doing so they need to have access to an inclusive service with quality education and care.” This idea of an inclusivity really forms the backbone of Rainbow Station’s work, with every member of staff internalising an ethos defined by the idea of creating well-formed individuals, with the skillset to tackle the years ahead. On that front, the centre has a School Readiness Preschool program that is taught by Rainbow Station’s Qualified Educators and Early Childhood/ Primary Teachers. “Our educators and teachers play a vital role in the success of our centre. High Quality Early education program helps every child and family feel that they belong. Their knowledge, skills and expertise in child development ensures all families have access to inclusive child care” Address: 48 Colches Street, Casino NSW 2470, Australia Website: www.rainbowstation.net.au Telephone: +61 02-6662 4209

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