APAC Issue Q2 2019

6 APAC / Issue Q2 2019 , Helping to Steer Your Company to Success Sometimes a company has to think small to experience truly extraordinary growth. As a boutique firm, Magnetic Alliance have chosen to specialise in working with a select few clients closely, rather than do a little for a larger client base. It’s this diligent ethos which, on the whole, defines Magnetic Alliance, as they look to ‘take the pain away’ from their clients, allowing them to focus on their company’s unique strengths whilst leaving their weaknesses to Magnetic’s expert management. To begin the interview, Mark takes a moment to outline his company’s core mission: “Through Magnetic Alliance’s first-class head office, entrepreneurs can spend more time on their core capabilities, than doing the thing they’re not good at. We provide a very unique suite of services that connect the dots for entrepreneurs across their entire business. Some of our clients like to say: while others help to do bits, we help them steer the whole ship. We get into the deep work with our clients. We get into their business and help them through their toughest challenges. As a result, many of our clients achieve real tangible and bankable results. Magnetic Alliance was not built on the back of marketing and branding, but though achieving results.” “We exist to help power your business, fuel your lifestyle and help make your dreams come true” Magnetic Alliance works primarily with business owners and Chief Executives who are passionate about what they do, but perhaps might not have the skills to best realise their company goals or establish an actionable roadmap. “We approach our clients more like a business partner and give them our best – as if we owned their business ourselves. Equally, we are in a position to see what needs to be done, which is usually what our clients struggle with. Through this approach, we can help them tackle the ‘hard stuff’ which is what helps them get the results.” “Ultimately, we help people make it through tough times. Everyone experiences it, even big corporations. We have experienced it ourselves in running our own business. Growth comes with risks, it comes with blood, sweat and tears… and you don’t always win all the time, despite the effort.” Saying that, Magnetic Alliance’s growth has been incredibly impressive, acting as testament to their considerable ability and success. “We have grown our business between 30% and 300% year on year for seven years straight, and the first five years of that was driven with no marketing – we barely even had a website.” As you can imagine, Magnetic Alliance’s staff has played a crucial role in securing the firm’s enduring success, as they act in the best interests of the company’s discerning clientele, as Mark explains further. “Our staff are integral to the success of our firm. We have to have a high calibre of staff because they are helping CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs to succeed in highly challenging industries. As such we invest a great deal in our team as far as personal and professional development goes, week in week out.” In his closing comments, Mark offers some insight into Magnetic Alliance’s future, as they look to expand into new markets and capitalise on their enviable success over the last seven years. “2019 is a big year: we are in the process of acquiring a business in the oil and gas industry, as well as launching an international retreat where business owners can meet high- flying tycoons to help them grow their business- and themselves – Jan19146 Founded inNovember 2011, Magnetic Alliance is a boutique firm that provides business development and improvement services to entrepreneurs across Australia. In January, Magnetic Alliance was recognised in APAC InsiderMagazine’s ongoing annual Business Excellence programme as Australia’s Leading Firm for Business Growth and Development for 2019. On the back of that win, we spoke with the firm’s Managing Director and Chief Strategist, Mark Lim, to find out more about their meteoric success in the industry. to handle their next ‘big step’. We also have a new three-day boot- camp, where business owners design at minimum, at least a seven- figure growth plan. Some we have helped to create another eight figures in revenue above what they’re already doing. We help them build a bridge from strategy to implementation, so that their plans can become reality.” Contact: Mark Lim Company: Magnetic Alliance Address: 147 Pirie Street, Adelaide, 5000, Australia Website: www.magneticalliance.com.au Telephone: +61 8 7071 3000

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