Q1 2024

Jan22686 APAC Insider- Q1 2024 Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s most trusted debt collection agencies, spurred on by the mindset that nobody deserves to be the victim of a broken promise. The quality services that are on offer by the firm are designed to cater to a client’s every need, and with decades of experience to boot, a trademarked business, established brand, as well as an in-house DPO and legal team, Fast Debt Recovery’s promises come backed with an excellent reputation and a portfolio of satisfied clients. With a 4.9/5 Google review score, the firm has solidified itself as worthy of being celebrated for its distinction within the industry, serving as a beacon of trustworthiness in a sector that can be difficult to navigate. Best Debt Collection Firm 2023 - Singapore Famed for being one of Singapore’s top debt collection agencies, Fast Debt Recovery specialises in B2B and B2C debt recovery, with its expert team of qualified and experienced debt collection officers collaborating with an extensive network of lawyers, skip-tracers, whistle-blowers, and investigators to recover debts and unpaid monies. With this expert team by their side, clients can remain rest assured that their collectibles will be managed with the utmost care, professionalism, and efficiency. Effectiveness is a key element in ensuring success, and the unique techniques that have been adopted by the firm have proven time and again their ability to yield the best results for clients. Bolstered by more than 20 years of experience managing cases in the field, and 100% effort being but in by its stellar Oct23062 collectors every day, Fast Debt Recovery is the preferred debt collection partner for a host of sectors, including events, construction, shipping, interior design, supply chain, and more. Aiding the company in this mission is its partners, with several relationships having been forged over the years that are built on mutual benefit and remarkable enhancements in the area of operational efficiency. Two such companies are Invictus Law Corporate, the firm’s legal provider, and Acticulat, its data protection agency. Invictus Law is progressive, modern law firm that has a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions on offer for a range of domestic and international clients. With an extremely high level of professionalism, expertise, and direct experience, its client base spans both the private and public sectors, as well as traditional private clientele. Data protection is another key element for the firm, and its relationship with Acticulat serves to ensure that privacy and equality are never compromised upon. Operating in an environment where forceful debt collection could accidentally drift into the breaching of legal boundaries, a partnership with Acticulat ensures such missteps do not happen. Services offered by Fast Debt Recovery are customised, with collection strategies tailored accordingly in order to suit the distinct needs of each case. These solutions take the form of commercial debt recovery, personal debt recovery, skip tracing, legal debt recovery, debt mitigation, creditor vs debtor mediation, letter of demand issuances, and field deployment. To best serve the needs of clients, the team have created the ultimate deployment package, designed to eliminate worry and reservations that may be had by clients prior to the start of the process, shedding more light on the chances of success for each case. As an example of the work carried out by the firm, one of its most difficult collections was a case worth almost $30K, whereby the main contractor alleged that its vendor did not fulfil its obligations, and as such, refused funds to the vendor for the service that was provided, citing “unsatisfactory quality”. The vendor was furious with this and sought out the services of Fast Debt Recovery to remedy the situation. Following 6 months of unsuccessful payment and several visits, the matter was escalated, and the team made the decision to seek out the owner and shareholder of the company at his home, opposed to his office. The gentlemen in question ultimately relented, and a dispute meeting was held, and a discussion carried out regarding the money in question. Once these proceedings were complete, a number of Elite Debt Enforcement Officers were instructed to finalise the repayment, and following an hour of negotiation, a full settlement was made, and a check with the total amount of $29,600 was issued to Fast Debt Recovery and supplied to the vendor. This serves as just one example of the excellent, determined work carried out at the firm, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking debt collection services across Singapore. Contact Details Contact no: +65 9669 2349 Company: Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd Web Address: https://fastdebtrecovery.info/