Q1 2023

AOMucagt r2 362 97430 With over 40 years of combined software licensing and asset management experience, Source Code Control India Private Limited provides services ranging from Open-Source Software risk management, to bespoke Cloud Transformation recommendations. Its unique stance as independent advisories means that all recommendations are free from third-party influence and relevant to its clients’ needs. We find out more from Ashutosh Kala as the company celebrates its win in the APAC Business Awards. Established in 2014, and headquartered in Reading, Source Code Control India Private Limited (Source Code Control) is a global IT consultancy company. Whilst having its HQ in the UK, the firm has delivery centres located across the world, catering to the specific geographies. Its New Delhi, India Centre is predominantly focused on businesses based in the APAC and MEA regions, whilst it also caters to its worldwide clientele. Source Code Control’s clients include global IT software companies, global automobile manufacturing giants, and companies in the pharma and retail space. The firm provides IT consultancy services in three core areas, including: Open-Source vulnerabilities and licensing assessments; Cloud Economics and FinOps; and Cybersecurity landscape management. “Our goal is to provide best in class support and solutions to companies which we maintain through high level of quality we inculcate in our people and processes,” explains Ashutosh Kala, Head of the firm’s APAC and MEA operations. “Our values at Source Code Control centre around quality of solutions and our mission is to provide remediation of risks to our clients with our niche and innovative services, which in turn helps them achieve the trust and confidence of their end customers. Our success always aligns with the goals of our customers.” Source Code Control’s philosophy to maintain this highlevel of quality comes from the fact that it always educates its employees to innovate. There is all-round focus within the team to continuously learn and develop new skills in order to stay ahead and provide solutions to the clients based on its invaluable knowledge. Building trust and innovation strategies for both customers and employees is of utmost importance and is just one of the key differentiators that distinguishes the firm from its competitors. “We give special emphasis to the entire process of hiring and nurturing our people,” continues Ashutosh. “The way our management and leadership interact with every employee is to guide and develop a path for their career. We value independence and flexibility for all our colleagues and build long term trust and relationships.” Being based out of India is enormously beneficial for the company and provides Source Code Control with access to a huge talent base which has both global awareness and skills in varied domains, along with global languages. Its policy of working from a comfortable location gives the firm access to a pool of resources which may be restricted by family obligations. The Covid-19 pandemic, whilst devastating to many industries, actually brought opportunity to Source Code Control, allowing it to tap into the untouched talent of highly educated homemakers and people with restricted mobility. “We definitely see an opportunity both from the people and customer side due to the pandemic,” elaborates Ashutosh. “Covid-19 encouraged companies to become digitally enabled and increased the scope of our services, not just in the region but worldwide.” Additionally, being in a time zone which can cater to both sides of the world make it possible for it to maintain quality with its worldwide customers. The company’s G-Cloud framework facilitates the purchase of commoditised, cloud-based offerings. These offerings are off-the-shelf with many pay-as-you-go, up-todate and innovative solutions. Source Code Control is proud to be a G-Cloud Approved Supplier, facilitating public sector organisations with the ability to intelligently manage their cloud services. As the firm looks to the future, it is highly focused on expanding its services across the whole APAC region beyond its current landscape of clients. “As a growing company, we are stepping our foot in the APAC market and already getting recognition,” enthuses Ashutosh. “We are already having active discussions and closing substantial deals in the OpenSource offering, along with a Cybersecurity deal. This will establish our credentials in the Security Operation Centre (SOC) or MSSP company. “The other aspect through our other core offering of open-source/third party code scanning by creating of SBOM (Software Bill Of Materials) and also SCA (Software Composition Analysis) helps a company manage their code level risks, security and licencing obligations without causing financial, reputational or IP damage. In this process we also help willing companies to get compliant with the ISO open chain standard 5230.” Recently, Source Code Control India Private Limited gained further recognition as it was named Best Global Cloud Transformation Consultancy Business 2022 in the APAC Business Awards 2022. Congratulations! Contact: Ashutosh Kala Company: Source Code Control India Private Limited Web Address: www.sourcecodecontrol.com Best Global Cloud Transformation Consultancy Business 2022