Q1 2023

May22239 Helping to explain, mend, and transform lives through a fusion of biomedicine and biotechnology, Aceprobe Technologies’ mission and values co-exist with futuristic healthcare to embrace precision medicine through a personal, digital, and functional approach – whilst remaining committed to the ever-changing needs of its clients and the industry. As the firm is named in the APAC Business Awards 2022, Dr Puneet Chandna tells us more. Established in 2009, life science company, Aceprobe, is a leader in technology, diagnostics, and research. It provides cuttingedge solutions across the fields of oncology, cardiology, and nutrition, including populationbased markers that help complementary molecular diagnostics, targeted therapies, and critical care solutions. Predominantly serving hospitals, diagnostics chains, CROs, biopharmaceuticals, and academic research facilities, Aceprobe stands tall in the niche area of therapeutics and vaccine development. Dr Puneet Chandna is Managing Director at the company. He tells us more about the role that his staff play in the business. “We help hone the skills of our employees at all levels to include their continued education, training and skill development while they also get an opportunity to participate as shareholders in the company,” he states. “Our professionals have expertise and a proven track record in medicine and research. Our team of clinicians and academicians belong and cater to many international and national organisations backed by skilled marketing teams who take pride in e-commerce, logistics, and a successful stint which is unmatched in the industry.” Whilst the market struggled, and continues to struggle, in imports during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is gearing up to join post-Covid economies to help develop and create domestic solutions. Having sufficient experience in novel technology and innovation, Aceprobe is inviting the global industry to find select suitable partners for the firm – to help in a safer and more robust direct investment, whilst supporting Indian Government initiatives to assist leaders globally to manufacture locally. “We would welcome and let the rest of the world know that our almost two decades of experience as successful partners and distributors to international leaders has made a great partner in us,” Dr Chandna enthuses. “We create safe havens in India for technology, manufacture, and distribution in healthcare products and solutions. We have also worked closely with NASDAQ companies and multibillion groups to help them scale and realise consistent growth year-on-year in their businesses.” Recently, Aceprobe gained even more recognition by being named in the APAC Business Awards 2022 and awarded the title of Most Innovative Molecular Diagnostics Healthcare Company - South Asia. Now, as the future beckons, Dr Chandra has big plans for the company. “We plan to be expanding further in critical care, AI-based healthcare solutions, and the preventive healthcare orb, with technology and innovative products across oncology, cardiology, mental health, and nutrition,” he states. “Meanwhile, we continue to trace the unfolding narratives of biotechnological sciences, regenerative medicine, and neurosciences within the neoliberal economy and culture of the 21st century and give a sense to the precarious world, making it secure in everyday life.” Contact: Dr Puneet Chandna Company: Aceprobe Technologies India Pvt Ltd Web Address: www.aceprobe.com Most Innovative Molecular Diagnostics Healthcare Company - South Asia Oct22401