APAC Issue Q1 2021

14 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 15 , Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 Ribbon is a global provider of real time communications software and network solutions to service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure sectors. While the Ribbon name may not be familiar to all, the company’s products are found in the networks of practically every operator in the world, helping to power voice and data connectivity everywhere. India, with its huge telecommunications industry (currently the second largest in the world) and a subscriber base of 1.2 billion, is a key location for anyone wanting to make an impact in this industry, and Ribbon is an active participant in this dynamic market. The company has 4 major offices in India, with employees holding positions ranging from sales to software developers and everything in between and is poised to support its customers across a range of projects, including the transition to 5G. How Ribbon penetrated the market First, a little bit of history: today’s Ribbon is the result of the March 2020 merger with ECI, a transaction which brought complementary technologies together. While the “classic” Ribbon’s product portfolio was focused on cloud and edge solutions, ECI had made its mark in the packet optical space. Today, the combined company offers this comprehensive solutions set to operators and enterprises globally. Both companies had already been successfully operating in the Indian market for many years. One example is that back when 3G became available and enabled new mobile data capabilities, operators turned their attention to network expansion to prioritize mobile broadband access for their subscribers. Ribbon was part of that effort, and supported its Indian operator customers in numerous ways. For example, the company helped develop telecommunications equipment that used less electricity, at a time when some operators were relying on diesel generators to power cell towers in rural areas. This helped deliver significant OPEX savings, which could be reinvested into additional sites and further network expansion. Ribbon continues to prioritize innovation to better serve our customers in this rapidly expanding, fast-evolving industry, and meet operators’ demands as they shift to fulfil new requirements. The key to success? Delivering futureproof network infrastructure technology that offers agile, flexible deployment capabilities, coupled with the ability to grow at scale. A recent example is the announcement that Bharti Airtel is leveraging Ribbon’s technology Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 Apr20011 to upgrade its network for 5G readiness. Ribbon’s 5G-native Neptune solution is being deployed to provide high capacity, low latency and real time programmability, enabling a powerful, efficient multi-layer next-generation network solution for a seamless evolution to future 5G services. This is just one way in which Ribbon can support wireless carriers as they build out their mobile infrastructure to 5G. Ribbon’s role in the future of Indian telecoms One thing that the global pandemic has made even more apparent is the importance of networks and connectivity. While the entire world went on lockdowns, governments and many businesses continued to operate in ways that would have been hard to envision even 5 years ago. This is a testament both to our adaptability as a species and to the resilience of the global network infrastructure. By further accelerating the digital transformation by what many experts estimate to be 5 to 10 years, this historic event has brought the question of how to create a connected economy even more urgently to the fore. These concerns are also part and parcel of the government’s Digital India campaign, which focuses on providing dynamic, reliable, and resilient transport network infrastructure that hosts essential connectivity services. These services ultimately enhance literacy rates through access to digital and online education tools, support the creation of new jobs and tech hubs, and enables the wider proliferation of a next generation of connectivity use cases that technologies such as 5G boasts. 2020 also showcased that we must work together to face challenges. While Ribbon has always boasted a customercentric, collaborative culture, we saw those values in action as our teams rose to the occasion, supporting our customers with everything from increased network capacity to accommodate the spike in demand to new offerings specifically designed to support remote work options. Here in India and abroad, Ribbon stands at the ready to help our customers solve their most challenging communications issues and enable people and devices to connect seamlessly anytime, anywhere.