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Ansider ac Issue Q1 2021 Inside this issue: Trendsetters in Yoga and Fitness Fashion Topko Product Group Ltd Achieving Sustainable Growth Magnetic Alliance Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 Ribbon Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan

2 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 3 , Welcome to the Q1 edition of APAC Insider Magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region. We’ll say it here first: let this year be the year of change and innovation. While 2020 was a catalyst for change – the sort of change that is unexpected, swift and drastic – we now have the benefit of hindsight. To see the last twelve months for the chaos they were, and to better prepare for anything of the sort happening in the future. I’ve said it before, but change is necessary in business. Change is needed to grow, to adapt and to – eventually, thrive. We just prefer it to be on our own terms. In the grand scheme of things, the APAC region has shown a remarkable perseverance and grit when it came to tackling the unique difficulties of the COVID pandemic. As other countries have struggled to establish a new equilibrium, the Asia-Pacific – in many cases- set the pace for returning to some semblance of normality. In this way, companies act as magnifiers of the very qualities that made this happen. Of excellent organisation, of adaptation and dynamism. It’s been impressive to witness. It’s with all of this in mind that we published the Q1 issue of the magazine. Aware of the past difficulties, and optimistic of the future. With that, here’s to a better, more productive year ahead. See you in Q2! Jessica Daykin, Editor Phone: +44 (0)20 3970 0039 Email: [email protected] Website: www.apac-insider.com Editorial Team Laura Brookes, Senior Editor | Jess Daykin, Editor Michael Pusey, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer Alexandra Abraham, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Senior Designer | Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. 4. News 6. Trendsetters in Yoga and Fitness Fashion - Topko Product Group Ltd 8. Attentive Care - Evacuation and Medical Support Unit Pte Ltd 10. Achieving Sustainable Growth - Magnetic Alliance 12. Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan - Sliders Inc. 14. Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 - Ribbon 16. Market leading emerging market e-commerce ETF announces major rebalancing of its index to include Chinese fintech and e-commerce platforms Contents Editorial Team Laura Bro kes, Senior Editor | Jess Daykin, Editor Michael Pusey, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer Alexandra Abraham, Writer Design Team Em a Hunt, Senior Designer | Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer

4 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 5 NEWS NEWS , , Industry experts and clients can read the following changes to learn from the pandemic or craft a responsive business plan. Reflection is necessary for growth, so take a look back on how the industry responded to a once-ina-lifetime global event. Productivity Has Streamlined In the pre-pandemic world, tech teams often had spontaneous meetings or brainstorming huddles. If people worked together and met frequently, it was supposed to improve their productivity. Employees and managers now realize that recurring meetings were a waste of time. Now, emails are a faster way to communicate with teams both small and large. When most people began to work from home at the beginning of 2020, their varying schedules made it more challenging to get everyone together for a meeting. Writing constructive criticism and plans in an email is much more effective because everything’s in writing and easy to check if anyone has questions. People can work faster and more cohesively when they don’t waste time zoning out during in-person meetings. Remote Work Presents New Burnout Remote workers in the tech industry experience new burnout symptoms that might be difficult to spot. Instead of commuting to an eight-hour shift at the office, they work through lunch breaks or channel their pandemic-related stress into clocking more hours. Living and working at home removes important boundaries that benefit mental health. Managers now have to check-in with their teams more regularly to ensure that everyone knows how to balance their work and personal lives in a changing world. This is the warning from the CEO and founder of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory and fintech organisations as China equities climb 1.9% on Monday, putting them on track for the highest close since 2008. Nigel Green, the chief executive of deVere Group, which has $12bn under advisement, says: “China’s benchmark index the CSI 300, which tracks shares on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, jumped nearly 2% as investors around the world rush for exposure to the People’s Republic’s economic recovery from the Covid pandemic. “These fresh impressive gains for Chinese equities come after an incredible year in 2020 in which the index added more than 27%.” He continues: “This trend of piling into Chinese stocks can be expected to continue throughout 2021 as investors seek growth. “China’s rebound is quite remarkable, compared to other major economies, many of which are once again rolling out stricter restrictions to stop the spread of Covid amid a tsunami of new cases. “The country has just reported increased industrial output and retail sales towards the end of 2020, bolstering expectations of further robust growth in 2021, adding fuel to the nation’s stock markets and Investors Piling into China’s Stocks are Urged to Remember Investment Fundamentals The expansive tech field weathered the COVID-19 pandemic better thanmost. Public healthmeasures changed worldwide workspaces, resulting inmore reliance on technology. COVID-19’s impact on tech companies includes a few good and bad effects that may point to what the future holds. Investors will “pile into Chinese equities” in 2021 as the country’s impressive economic recovery picks up more momentum, but this should not overshadow the critical need for global diversification. COVID19’s Impact on Tech Companies: The Good and Bad Reliance onTech Has Increased More people need personal computers and tablets to work from home. The dependence on homebased tech increased industry sales by 24% through 2020. Many of the new remote positions will exist after the pandemic, so tech companies have to prepare for continued higher demand for products and services. It may result in hiring more inhouse employees or needing more storage space for stocking inventory. Expanded teams and more sales mean businesses can remodel current commercial spaces to aid their growth. Companies that service tech problems or sell popular products should consider any needs that might come from this reliance on athome tech. In-Person Networking Has Slowed Many tech companies began expansion plans and partnerships through in-person networking events. Those came to a screeching halt in 2020 and likely won’t return until late 2021, so virtual networking must continue. This is mainly hurtful for startups and small tech businesses who need personal relationships within the community to bolster business. Still, people within the industry can learn to network virtually to make the best of this temporary situation. It could even connect them with the community if they participate in other local online events where possible future clients can discover them. Look to the Future COVID-19’s impact on tech companies resulted in good and bad changes. People in the field and interested consumers can learn from the adjustments. Everyone benefits from efforts like providing more virtual services and relying on innovative new technologies, but only if reflection points the way forward. currency as well as those economies that get a boost from domestic spending within China. “Of course, all of this will not go unnoticed by investors looking for yield.” However, the deVere CEO also has a warning for investors. “China’s already impressive economic recovery is likely to pick up momentum and this will be extremely attractive. “But as 2020 showed us with perhaps too much clarity, things can change quickly and so-called ‘certainties’ can shift overnight. “Therefore, as ever, it is essential that investors have a truly diversified portfolio. This includes across geographical regions, assets classes, sectors and currencies. “A good fund manager that can secure global exposure and actively seek out opportunities in Asia, especially in China, will best position investors to reap rewards in 2021.” Mr Green concludes: “China, but also Asia in general, has massive potential and will likely outperform the rest of the world in 2021. However, investors must not get giddy and forget about the importance of diversification – the investor’s best tool to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.”

6 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 7 , Trendsetters in Yoga and Fitness Fashion Established in 2012, Topko Product Group Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of yoga, fitness, and fashion products. Recently, we caught up with Sarah Kuo fromTopko to find out more about the services they provide and how they earned a reputation in China for being one of the best yoga and fitness fashion manufacturers available today. Situated in Shanghai, Topko has a group of passionate people who are experienced in product design, manufacturing, private labelling and exporting. Today, Topko factory is one of the leading factories in the industry with good capacity to produce high quality yoga, fitness and fashion products to global customers at a competitive price. With products being shipped to key retailers in the US and Europe as well as online businesses all over the world, the Topko product development team have an excellent ability to sense trends in the industry, meaning they are able to provide consumers with the latest hot selling items. In addition to this, Topko integrates all resources to provide a package of yoga, fitness, and fashion products, as they aim to fulfil their goal of becoming a one-stop purchasing centre for our customers. Since inception, maintaining high standards has proved to be one of the key factors behind the firm’s success, as Sarah explains further. “Quality is always our first priority and thanks to an experienced QC team, we will carry out quality control processes for each order as per international AQL standard. Typically, we will set up the quality control standard for each product and share the QC report with you. Topko’s diligent staff will track each PO closely, starting from the product development stage until the goods have arrived with our customers. Available at any time, we are here to solve your problems, all you need to do is tell us your needs and we will find the best solutions for you. With our integrity and spirit, Topko is truly the one to work with.” Regarding its internal culture, the firm has six key parts which have proved to be instrumental in ensuring Topko is a great place to work as Sarah goes on to explain. “Putting the customer first, integrity, striving for excellence , embracing change, team cooperation, loyalty and thanksgiving are the key values which have made Topko the company it is today. Every week, we invite different staff in our company to give a speech to all company members on what they think of these cultures and what they did to practice these culture. Trendsetters in Yoga and Fitness Fashion Oct20525 When we are recruiting, people with these characters will also be selected firstly by our company, and they will be evaluated every month by their manager on their performance.” Finally, Sarah discusses the trends we are seeing in the home fitness industry before outlining some of the firm’s plans for 2021 and beyond. “Currently, the home fitness industry is growing very quickly due to more people staying at home to exercise following the outbreak of COVID-19, and as a result our business is growing too. Moving forward, our aim is to build long-term business relationships and continue to expand over the next five years.” Company: Topko Product Group Ltd Contact: Sarah Kuo Website: www.topko.com TOPKO

8 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 9 , Attentive Care Established in 2008, Evacuation andMedical Support Unit Pte Ltd is a leading provider of medical assistance in collaborationwith various hospitals around Singapore. Following its success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Christopher Fernandez to find out more about one of the best ambulance and medical services providers in Singapore today. Medical evacuations are unplanned, unexpected, and urgent. Often resulting from injuries sustained by an accident or an illness, people are left feeling worried, anxious and in a lot of pain. Going into further detail, Christopher provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “Evacuation and Medical Support Unit Pte Ltd typically offer local ambulance services, regional ambulance assistance and international medical evacuations. Other more specialist areas we cover include medical training, health screening services and medical coverage for events and sports.” Working in the Singapore healthcare field can be a challenging experience given the competition which often faces the firm. However, as Christopher goes on to explain, due to its patient specific approach the firm can address the needs of everyone. “At every emergency, our consultants will analyse the situation before recommending the most suitable service. Many of our team members have previously provided medical assistance in the ASEAN regions, so these experiences combined with their outstanding medical knowledge make us a key player in the sector. Putting the patient at ease is obviously the most important aspect to begin with, and through our friendly nature and a seamless environment, we can ease the hassle and any confusion a patient may have in their hour of need.” Finally, Christopher discusses his concerns over the knowledge some people obtain from watching Attentive Care Jun20160 medical TV programmes, before outlining some of the firm’s plans for 2021 and beyond. “A lot of people can derive their knowledge of medical evacuation with the wrong anticipation of procedures and standards as shown on docudramas. When a medical evacuation becomes necessary, people are worried and anxious, but it is not appropriate to explain the reasons for the differences between cherished myths and an evacuation unit’s performance. “Moving forward, our goal is to maintain the same level of care for all patients and provide further training for our staff wherever possible to ensure we remain at the forefront of our sector.” Company: Evacuation and Medical Support Unit Pte Ltd Contact: Christopher Fernandez Website: www.rescueteam.sg

10 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 11 , Achieving Sustainable Growth Headquartered in Adelaide, Magnetic Alliance provide business growth and improvement services to entrepreneurs who wish to overcome the challenges and risks commonly experienced by growing companies. Following the firm’s success in the APAC Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touchwithMark Lim to find out more about one of Australia’s leaders in business growth and development. Established in 2011, the aim of magnetic alliance is to power peoples business, fuel their lifestyle and help make their dreams come true. To start, Mark provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Naturally, we work with businesses in an integrated way and put very systematic steps in place to help their business grow. Filling the gaps in the professional services market, we help business owners connect the dots in the areas they find most difficult. By providing endto-end solutions that help piece the puzzle together, we help business owners achieve tangible results. From the point they start up, to the point they exit their business, we help create systems and succession plans for future continuity. Over the long-term, we have helped many businesses achieve sustainable growth, while boosting their revenue, profits, and ROI. “Serving a wide variety of clients, we have dealt with businesses from over 120 industries in total. Typically, we deal with private and commercial enterprises who are still growing providing a range of services including strategic consulting, systems and automation solutions, central processing, staffing, sales, and marketing. Most of our clients are referred (80%) in total and the rest are people our team members meet during events, seminars or online.” Leading the way in business growth and development, one of the most telling factors behind the firm’s success has been its client-focused approach, as Mark explains further. “Helping our clients achieve results rather than just providing the services desired is perhaps our biggest strength. Beginning with the account managers, we adopt a personal approach to each client and support them in whatever way possible.” As a people-centred business, the staff members at Magnetic Alliance have played a crucial role in the firm’s success. “The staff here are brilliant, and Achieving Sustainable Growth Feb20174 they truly mean everything to us.” Mark highlights. “With a great culture in place, we have a team who we can trust and be proud of. To further support our people, we invest a huge amount of time in training, developing them to be at their very best so career paths taking them all the way to Co-Owners of the business can take shape.” Bringing the interview to a close, Mark reflects on some of the challenges the firm have recently faced, before revealing some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the years to come. “Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty and chaos with lockdowns, travel restrictions and whether businesses can operate or not due to COVID-19. There are many potential good businesses that are affected by these and could ultimately close. To counter this, we have been working vigilantly with growing industries, helping those who can grow to grow, while boosting the economy in any way we can with our assistance and influence. Over the last eight years, our average compound annual growth rate has been 80.1% by running two businesses of our own. During the 2020 period since the COVID lockdowns started in March, we acquired or partnered with four new businesses within a six-month period. Naturally, this indicated to us how robust our platform is, particularly for a small private enterprise which can run completely online. “In 2021, we plan to grow these businesses we own, and at least double our current growth and build our portfolio further by creating an investment company or fund to further acquire or start another four-five businesses. This will be the first time we have opened up for investment for capital partners, which we believe will boost our growth even further.” Company: Magnetic Alliance Contact: Mark Lim Website: www.magneticalliance. com.au

12 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 13 , Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan Innovation has swiftly become a distinguishing factor across numerous businesses, industries andmarkets. Perhaps none more so than on the urban landscape – after all, we’re swiftly rethinking urban spaces for the modernworld. Sliders Inc is a company that has endeavored to deliver a new paradigmwhen it comes to urban traversal with its revolutionary bicycle. We took a deep dive to find out more. The logic is certainly sound. Where else does innovation define every effort and every step than outer space? For Sliders, inspiration was found in utilizing new materials, with a firm focus on portability, speed and convenience. Partnering this with the company’s predilection for crowd-sourcing ideas for new projects, it’s clear that Sliders understands, at a fundamental level, the market they operate in. When it comes to designing future vehicles, where better to look than up? Everything the company designs has convenience in mind. From the highly researched logistical variables of urban traversal (optimum speed for exploration, being one example), to the exact dimensions required to ensure their bikes remain wholly portable for the average client – it’s evident that Sliders has earned its reputation for excellence. Simply put, no other company puts this much effort in maintaining and nurturing its market share. Futurism also plays its role here. As is to be expected from the entirely future-centric pursuits of the greater region, Sliders looks to push boundaries and deliver a product that remains peerless in all aspects of its design. “Our bike is reduced to 85cm by 75cm and 25cm wide when folded. This allows it to be easily placed in the trunk of a car or carried, should the need arise. The bike provides a speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a distance of 35-kilometers on one charge.” Ease of use is pushed to the forefront through the bike’s use of electricity. Though electric bikes are becoming quite common, Sliders aims to revolutionize Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan Mar20345 the expected through further refinement. Think comfort, ergonomic design and handmade elements. The entire package is a luxurious one, with every plane and perspective showcasing a careful consideration to the finest details. Waterproof, easy to control, and robust, the company’s bikes have proven to be the best choice on the market, year after year. Yet, Sliders remains ever focused towards optimization. On improvement, and betterment and… simply, perfection. This is evident in the natural evolution of the company’s product line. Each bike serving to solve a particular problem or meet a particular need, all with innovation in mind. It’s clear then, with all of this in mind, that the company remains a pacesetter in the market, with a future defined by further distinction and greater achievements. Watch this space. Company: Sliders Inc. Address: 12F-1, No. 337, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan Web: https://www.the-sliders.com/ Telephone: +886-2-27030810 Email: [email protected]

14 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 15 , Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 Ribbon is a global provider of real time communications software and network solutions to service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure sectors. While the Ribbon name may not be familiar to all, the company’s products are found in the networks of practically every operator in the world, helping to power voice and data connectivity everywhere. India, with its huge telecommunications industry (currently the second largest in the world) and a subscriber base of 1.2 billion, is a key location for anyone wanting to make an impact in this industry, and Ribbon is an active participant in this dynamic market. The company has 4 major offices in India, with employees holding positions ranging from sales to software developers and everything in between and is poised to support its customers across a range of projects, including the transition to 5G. How Ribbon penetrated the market First, a little bit of history: today’s Ribbon is the result of the March 2020 merger with ECI, a transaction which brought complementary technologies together. While the “classic” Ribbon’s product portfolio was focused on cloud and edge solutions, ECI had made its mark in the packet optical space. Today, the combined company offers this comprehensive solutions set to operators and enterprises globally. Both companies had already been successfully operating in the Indian market for many years. One example is that back when 3G became available and enabled new mobile data capabilities, operators turned their attention to network expansion to prioritize mobile broadband access for their subscribers. Ribbon was part of that effort, and supported its Indian operator customers in numerous ways. For example, the company helped develop telecommunications equipment that used less electricity, at a time when some operators were relying on diesel generators to power cell towers in rural areas. This helped deliver significant OPEX savings, which could be reinvested into additional sites and further network expansion. Ribbon continues to prioritize innovation to better serve our customers in this rapidly expanding, fast-evolving industry, and meet operators’ demands as they shift to fulfil new requirements. The key to success? Delivering futureproof network infrastructure technology that offers agile, flexible deployment capabilities, coupled with the ability to grow at scale. A recent example is the announcement that Bharti Airtel is leveraging Ribbon’s technology Best Network Infrastructure Performance Experts India 2020 Apr20011 to upgrade its network for 5G readiness. Ribbon’s 5G-native Neptune solution is being deployed to provide high capacity, low latency and real time programmability, enabling a powerful, efficient multi-layer next-generation network solution for a seamless evolution to future 5G services. This is just one way in which Ribbon can support wireless carriers as they build out their mobile infrastructure to 5G. Ribbon’s role in the future of Indian telecoms One thing that the global pandemic has made even more apparent is the importance of networks and connectivity. While the entire world went on lockdowns, governments and many businesses continued to operate in ways that would have been hard to envision even 5 years ago. This is a testament both to our adaptability as a species and to the resilience of the global network infrastructure. By further accelerating the digital transformation by what many experts estimate to be 5 to 10 years, this historic event has brought the question of how to create a connected economy even more urgently to the fore. These concerns are also part and parcel of the government’s Digital India campaign, which focuses on providing dynamic, reliable, and resilient transport network infrastructure that hosts essential connectivity services. These services ultimately enhance literacy rates through access to digital and online education tools, support the creation of new jobs and tech hubs, and enables the wider proliferation of a next generation of connectivity use cases that technologies such as 5G boasts. 2020 also showcased that we must work together to face challenges. While Ribbon has always boasted a customercentric, collaborative culture, we saw those values in action as our teams rose to the occasion, supporting our customers with everything from increased network capacity to accommodate the spike in demand to new offerings specifically designed to support remote work options. Here in India and abroad, Ribbon stands at the ready to help our customers solve their most challenging communications issues and enable people and devices to connect seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

16 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 , Subscribe to APAC magazine Subscribe here www.apac-insider.com/subscribe Ansider ac Market leading emerging market e-commerce ETF announces major rebalancing of its index to include Chinese fintech and e-commerce platforms The market leading Emerging Market Internet & Ecommerce UCITS ETF (EMQQ) has completed the semi-annual rebalancing of its underlying Index, which has seen the number of companies invested in rise from 83 to 961. Some 20 companies have been added to the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce Index, and seven have been removed from it due to Index rules on market cap, liquidity and trading volume. Two of the new companies included in the index are now top ten holdings. The EMQQ UCITS ETF delivered a return of 81.08% in 2020, and since its inception on 12th November 2014, it has delivered a return of 105.10% and EMQQ remains the best performing EM ETF in the category2. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and when you trade ETFs your capital is at risk. Kevin Carter, CEO of EMQQ said: “This was a historic rebalance by many measures, it is the first one in years that added new top ten holdings, in this case two of them. “When EMQQ launched, it had 43 companies in the Index, and it now has 96 just six years later. This more than doubling of the Index constituents is due to the growth of the Internet and Ecommerce industry in Emerging Markets like China, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa. “2020 saw continued strong performance, briefly interrupted by the COVID-19, but it was then propelled by the pandemic restrictions that have been put in place. We believe the meaningful changes in consumer behaviour during the crisis will fuel growth in online shopping in emerging markets, so we continue to see unprecedented growth in this sector.” The top three firms of the 20 new companies that have been added to the Index are KE Holdings Inc, LuFax Holding LLC, and Dada Nexus Ltd. 8th largest holding: KE Holdings Inc. (NYSE ticker BEKE) In China, this company is known as Beike, and the other brand in the franchise is Lianjia. Lianjia is a leading real estate brokerage firm in China. Beike is a real estate platform that facilitates housing transactions and services in China - the Zillow of China. Beike is already the second-largest Ecommerce platform in China, behind only Ecommerce giant, Alibaba, according to information provided by the company. 10th largest holding: LuFax Holdings Ltd. (NYSE Ticker: LU) The company is one of the largest fintech firms in China, and a competitor to Alibaba’s ANT Group. Lufax is a leading technology-empowered personal financial services platform in China. Lufax has the backing of Ping An Insurance Group, one of the largest financial service conglomerate in China with business spanning across life and general insurance, banking, healthcare, and more. 21st largest holding: Dada Nexus Ltd. listed in HK and trades with the (HK: Ticker - DADA) The company provides a platform for local on-demand retail and delivery in China. The company operates JD-Daojia, a local ondemand retail platform; and Dada Now, a local on-demand delivery platform in China. KE Holdings Inc, LuFax Holding LLC, and Dada Nexus Ltd. are among the new names added to EMQQ’s underlying Index. EMQQ, which is distributed on the HANetf white-label platform, delivers exposure to an index of leading companies driving the growth of online consumption in the developing world. To be included, companies must derive more than half their profits from Ecommerce or internet activities, including search engines, online retailers, social networks, online video, online gaming, e-payment systems and online travel. Unlike most emerging market indices the companies included do not need to be listed locally. When you trade ETFs your capital is at risk. 1 Source: Bloomberg/HANetf as of 31.12.2020 2 Source: Morningstar

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