March 2017

70 APAC / March 2017 , 1702AP15 Power the World Alexander Lenz is President of Conergy APAC. He speaks to us about the firm, its mission and future aspirations. Conergy is one of the world’s largest downstream solar companies — specialising in the development, design, finance, build and long-term asset management of commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar power systems. Founded in 1998, the company has pioneered the expansion of solar globally and has built over 1.5 GW across six continents. Alexander Lenz tells us more about the firm and its overall mission “to harness the sun, preserve the planet and power the world.” “Solar Photovoltaics is at the center of Conergy’s business,” he begins. “We develop, build and operate commercial and utility-scale solar farms. By its very nature, solar PV is a low carbon energy generation technology that doesn’t produce harmful greenhouse gases. By promoting the use of solar energy and supporting our clients to realise their plans for a solar system, we are able to harness the power of the sun to produce electricity while contributing to the preservation of the planet.” With over 18 years of experience in the solar photovoltaics industry, which includes a storied history of manufacturing all of the key solar components from modules, mounting structures and inverters in Germany, Conergy has evolved into one of the world’s largest downstream solar companies specializing in the development, design, finance, build and long-term asset management of commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar power systems. This are just a few of the attributes which sets the firm aside from competitors. “Our solar manufacturing roots and 18-year global track record has ingrained in the company extensive technical expertise and capabilities which cannot be easily replicated,” states Alexander. “We have one of the industry’s most advanced and complete portfolio of solar services and solutions which means that Conergy is uniquely equipped to help investors meet and maximize their asset investment targets by providing well-designed, highly efficient solar installations that are built with the latest solar technologies that observe leading quality standards. “Our deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and our uncompromising focus on quality, cost optimisation and discipline in implementing best practice processes in our global and local delivery centers have enabled us to build for our customers commercially successful solar plants that not only operate with high efficiencies and power availability but also generate the highest possible yields. Key members of the firm regularly attend conferences, exhibitions, speak to customers, suppliers and partners, and attend dialogues with industry groups. They also join solar associations to keep updated with new and emerging technologies and trends. “Aside from our regional office, we have local offices and employ local staff which means that our teams have extensive networks which allows us to keep abreast with market developments. “We are not afraid to tackle new emerging technologies. When energy storage was still very new in the market, Conergy appointed a dedicated team to become specialists on storage. This initiative allowed us to develop the competency for storage within the company and this was instrumental in helping us develop one of the first and largest utility-scale solar + storage plants in APAC.” Alexander tells us that Conergy runs on a relatively flat organisation structure which ensures that it is always fast and nimble. “Instead of just reacting to changes around us, we anticipate market developments and make decisions fast and well,” he embellishes. “Our employees are highly experienced and well-trained individuals in their specialised areas, be it in development, financial modelling, EPC, operations & maintenance, engineering or supply chain, just to name a few. These coupled with strong empowerment, and excellent inter and intra department collaborations, allow us to address the needs of our customers. Our willingness to engage with our clients closely and continuously, whether seasoned or new to the industry, brings about great satisfaction for our customers and more importantly translates into business success and profitability for them. “At Conergy, we look for innovative and entrepreneurial employees who are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise, share our vision for a greener planet as well as our passion for solar energy. Conergy is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. “We believe that Conergy’s success rests on the achievements, high level of commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. We offer exceptional career opportunities and provide a stimulating and inclusive work environment focused on work-life balance. We have an excellent track