March 2017

APAC / March 2017 71 K Company: Conergy Asia & ME Name: Alexander Lenz – President, Conergy APAC Email: [email protected] Web Address: Power the World g record and our engaging and approachable management staff bring confidence and often make the difference in attracting highly competent and excellent calibre to our organisation. These candidates do not only look for personal financial growth, but personal development and the opportunity to work with a seasoned leader in the industry.” With regards to the future of the industry, Alexander foresees certain developments. “We will see the emergence of Storage Systems, especially on a utility scale – we already have one project under construction but expect a lot more in the next few years. “Our customers’ business models are changing and converging. For instance, traditional utility- scale players are doing more distributed commercial and community solar businesses while more solar players are increasingly in the finance business rather than the outright power generation business. “We adapt to these changes by constantly building on the capabilities of our team – organising training for them or else hiring subject matter experts and integrating them into our teams.” And what does he foresee for the future of Conergy? “We would still be in the solar business many years from now – but the mix of our revenue streams will most likely differ by then. Potentially more revenues will come from our Project Development instead of our EPC business and our market focus will expectedly change from the Philippines/Thailand/Japan/ Australia to include other Asian/ APAC countries. Besides just the traditional solar PV farms, we will most likely also be working on more solar-hybrid plants and solar+storage plants.”