APAC Issue 6 2018

12 APAC / Issue 6 2018 , Dedicated to Innovation in the Practice of Law McDonaldMurholme is a leading employment lawfirm inAustralia that handlesmatters involvingUnfair Dismissals, General Protections claims, bullying in theworkplace, discrimination, shareholder disputes and foreignworker disputes.We profiled the firmto discovermore about how they becamewell-known for its expertise, acting for employees. For over 20 years, McDonald Murholme has been involved in many landmark cases and has the highest number of matters in the Fair Work Commission, Federal Court, and Federal Circuit Court. In 2018, McDonald Murholme has been at the forefront in promoting employee rights through media platforms and the courts. Its continuous knowledge sharing of senior lawyers and employee development attributes, has contributed to the accomplishments of the firm. In addition to this, the clients are always allocated to the right lawyer for the job. All of McDonald Murholme employees’ talent drives the success of the firm. Its Australia-wide reach arises from a unique and innovative legal practice structure, with an Executive team overseeing four legal teams, an accounts team, support team and communications and marketing. All teams work harmoniously together to achieve excellent outcomes for clients, starting from when the client first walks in the door to when their matter finishes. This unique structure ensures that all client’s needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. The firm’s personalised service is one of many elements on offer for clients that separates McDonald Murholme from its competitors. At McDonald Murholme, our employees pride themselves on providing quality services to clients from the first point of contact right through to the end result ensuring the client walks away happy. The collaborative work within the various teams of lawyers has resulted in some big wins for our clients. McDonald Murholme endeavours to settle cases in their earliest stages, typically in the Fair Work Commission, working in a timely and efficient manner to limit any unnecessary costs to a client. The enthusiastic lawyers thrive on helping clients to stand up against a better resourced and more powerful employer to achieve great outcomes for them. Also, the firm’s mission is to focus on fairness no matter what 1805AP14