APAC Issue 6 2018

APAC / Issue 6 2018 11 Flavourtech – A World Leader in Natural Aroma and Extraction Technology g we try to become a trusted adviser to our customers, as opposed to just selling equipment. We also try to be closer to our customers by placing staff members (both Technical & Territory Managers) in various regions around the world. As of today, we have direct employees situated in England, Germany, India, and Costa Rica. In other regions, such as in America, Japan, Korea and Thailand, we have developed strong relationships over many years with local agents or distributors who represent Flavourtech in the way we desire. “An important element in all of the countries we do business with, is to understand and respect the local cultures and ways of doing business. Our employees therefore conduct regular visits to those regions, and attend local industry seminars and workshops on a regular basis. For example, one of our Territory Managers recently attended Halal training in Indonesia to provide us more information on this topic going forward. Our attitude towards customer and application support means we consider ‘a customer for life’ approach. In addition to this, our staff are committed to ensuring that our technologies assist our customers to be as successful as possible.” Looking to the future, Flavourtech has a number of exciting plans for growth and expansion. In addition to infrastructure changes, Flavourtech are also growing in terms of personnel and are always looking for talented people in various departments from the drafting office, technical and electrical engineers and administration. Although based in the regional town of Griffith, Flavourtech has a very multicultural team with over 20 countries being represented. Overall, Flavourtech is always looking forward to new projects where they may assist customers in improving their business. After all, Flavourtech’s goal is to increase their customer’s business and make them more successful. Through this approach, Flavourtech continues to learn and grow making it a successful, as well as an extremely interesting company to work for. Contact: Leon Skaliotis Company: Flavourtech, 32 Lenehan Road, Griffith NSW 2680, Australia Telephone: 0061 2 6969 1111 Website: www.flavourtech.com