APAC Insider Issue 3 2018

10 APAC / Issue 3 2018 , 8 APAC / February 2018 1712AP11 SPRG: Perfecting Public Relations Strategic PublicRelationsGroup (SPRG) is an IPO/IRandfinancial communications specialist, whichalsoprovides a range of corporatemarketing solutions. Thefirmis dedicated to offering clients based across Asia the veryhighest standards of service and support.We profile thefirmto learnmore and explore the secrets behind the phenomenal success it has achieved since inception. Established in 1995, SPRG is the largest Asian independent public relations network and the largest public relations consultancy in Hong Kong. With over 300 professionals from 11 offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia plus a cohesive global affiliation network covering over 110 major countries/cities, the Group provides clients, both local and international, with a comprehensive range of world- class public relations services. Leading the way in Hong Kong’s IPO/IR communications market, SPRG has completed over 270 new listings since its founding – reflecting its no. 1 position in the local market. Currently, SPRG advises more than 160 listed companies in the region. With over 25 local, regional and international awards for financial communications campaigns devised for its clients, such accolades further highlight the solid experience and strong track record that the group possesses. SPRG’s dedicated team of PR/IR professionals hold backgrounds in accountancy, equity analysis, banking and financial media, possessing unparalleled breadth of financial market knowledge, including in-depth understanding of regulatory and IPO/IR requirements. Alongside its work in the financial marketing space, the group also offers a range of additional marketing solutions for companies based across Asia. The success of an enterprise is dependent not just on the provision of quality products and services, standing out among its peers and impressing target audiences are equally important. Working closely with clients that include both MNCs and local brand names, SPRG is involved in programmes that aim to raise their corporate image and enhance brand equity. Backed by thorough research and a full arsenal of marketing tools, the group provides comprehensive programmes designed to achieve set objectives, highlight key messages, and direct attention to the image behind the brand. Additionally, the enormous appeal of social networking websites has spurred the growth of digital media marketing. SPRG, a pioneer in Internet-related PR/ marketing, has built its expertise around various new techniques, including forum marketing, social network marketing and blog marketing. By employing these valuable tools, the group has assisted clients connect with the online world, engaging new and existing audiences in a cost efficient yet highly effective manner to raise brand awareness, enhance reputation and capture greater market share, among other objectives. Specifically, SPRG Malaysia offers a wide range of communications services to local as well as multinational companies, organisations, institutions and NGOs. The office’s team of professional consultants specialises in corporate PR, new media, CSR communications, as well as consumer and premium brand marketing and communications. They have also developed and implemented successful communications programmes for a wide range of multinational and local brands. Drawing strength from being a member of the largest Asian independent PR network, whose flagship operation is the leader in IPO and IR markets in Hong Kong, SPRG Malaysia is well suited to supporting Malaysian companies in efforts to enhance their presence in Asia. The team is also in a strong position to help clients disseminate information regarding their overseas expansion to local audiences and thus bolster their brands’ presence at home at the same time. Looking ahead, the group will be keen to adapt further and grow its skills in order to build upon its current success and continue to offer clients the very highest possible standards of service and support.