APAC Insider Issue 3 2018

APAC / Issue 3 2018 9 The Future of Tomorrow g Booking System (TABS), the VBS for the Philippines community, was created. It was the first step in implementing a Port Community System (PCS) for the region. In the first month after implementation, terminal volumes were up 18% with the same equipment and labour. In June, this year, it was increased by 44%. Truck trips have increased from one per 24 hours to two. Import dwell times on the quayside, which were at eight to 16 days, have reduced to four days. The result of implementing a port-wide booking system streamlined operations, and in less than six months, received full endorsement by the 17 mayors of Manila. This meant that if truck drivers had a TABS booking, they were exempted from the truck ban through metro Manila. This was a huge win for the import and export community, which allowed the industry to be productive 24 hours of the day. 1-Stop’s impact to the landside operations include: • Importers, exporters, freight forwarders, transport operators and terminals have gained more certainty in how they operate, and can rely on consistent and efficient truck turnaround times and service levels • Truck turnaround times reduced from 91 minutes to 37 minutes • Terminals moved to auto gates with complete validation that includes container, truck rego, drier and time zone booking • The import and export community can clear cargo more quickly through a community payments platform, that links to shipping line and terminal systems for the immediate release of cargo Since the creation of 1-Stop Connections and the implementation of our Vehicle Booking System across three key areas of the globe, we’ve seen dramatic results regarding landside optimisation. We are committed to investing in our own technologies, so that our solutions can continue to deliver efficiency gains for the betterment of the entire port community and supply chain participants. The open platform like ‘1-Stop’ with a variety of apps (such as the 1-Stop VBS, Modal etc) that interconnect into any port wide Eco-system will allow you to reap the rewards of productivity, cost saving and increasing revenue today, whilst being future technology enabled around – AI, Blockchain and other advances in technology. The 1-Stop platform of today will enable you for the future of tomorrow. If you would like to hear more on 1-Stop’s open platform, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website, www.1-stop.com