CEO of the Year Awards 2022

10 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Animal Health CEO of the Year (Australia): Keith Nicholls Aiming to become Australia’s number one veterinary provider, Vets Central is establishing itself as amajor force within the Australian veterinarymarket by acquiring veterinary clinics with a ‘non corporate’ approach – achieving this by respecting legacy, autonomy, existing branding and processes with support from their national Support Office. Industry firsts include providing equity to veterinarians and providing vendors with a fair earn-out process. Vets Central – a national veterinary practice consolidator focused on providing exemplary support, mentoring, training, and equipment services to Australian veterinary professionals. A business model that operates with diligence, empathy, and dedication in order to provide a uniquely engaging model. Putting their veterinary teams at the forefront – every decision made is a vet-centric decision. Thus, it has developed a reputation for being a people-first business above all else, with co-founder and CEO Keith Nicholls having achieved this through his extensive industry experience at the foundation and core of the business. Keith, having identified that the industry often forgets the importance of associate veterinarians during a sale process, chose to provide equity to these veterinarians as part of his business model. In addition, through Keith’s experience in working across a multitude of consolidation businesses, including within the veterinary industry, recognised that a better and fairer ‘earn-out’ process for vendors was needed without any ‘marking-up to mark-down’ style payment arrangements. These industry firsts have already seen his business grow significantly in a short period of time. Fundamentally, Vets Central works with an in-depth respect of legacy, autonomy, existing branding, and existing processes, making itself an invaluable partner to the veterinarians it works with. Vet Central’s well-trained veterinary teams provide a high level of care through its clinic network, also showing graduates how to follow in the steps of some of the industry’s most leading experts. Veterinarians have access to the best training, education, and development available, enabling the business to quickly establish itself as becoming Australia’s leading veterinary partner. Additionally, the co-founder’s own experience within health group consolidation has ensured that Vets Central is supported by the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge across the board, earning himself a reputation as an innovative and results-driven leader; achieving exceptional results in high-pressure and highly competitive environments. His outstanding tenacity, business foresight, financial and relationship skills has secured Vets Central pre-eminence in the Australian veterinary industry. Keith is proud to say that he and his team remain undaunted by challenge. Keith is always looking for ways in which he can continue to grow, improve, and develop the business and empower his team. Company: Vets Central Contact: Keith Nicholls Website: Mar22152