Business Awards 2023

Oct23235 New Zealand artist and archi-designer Lyzadie Renault’s creations embody the luxury of natural materials, timeless and unique design, and exquisite New Zealand craftsmanship. We speak to Lyzadie to find out more in the wake of her gaining notable recognition at this year’s APAC Business Awards. In a world driven by commerce, where trends come and go, LyZadie Design Studio aims to create a place of creative longevity and conscious design, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Not only has its founder and director, Lyzadie Renault built a global brand with this ethos, but she and her studio team have ardently supported local artisans, social and environmental charities, and championed the use of ethical materials – all while raising a family. A trained architect, Lyzadie’s move into furniture and product design was a natural one and now the studio is a hot bed of creative inspiration in the luxury design space. One that has garnered international awards and a dedicated clientele. Lyzadie sums up her inspiration neatly: “What I cherish most about this work is witnessing the birth of a new idea. From those initial sketches on paper to the conception of art, and ultimately the tactile experience of running my hand over turned timber or polished glass, it’s a revelation each time – a reminder that all of this sprouted from a mere glimmer in nature. An unfurling tree frond, crisp braided rivers, or any countless environmental wonders. I am consistently struck by how much of that original inspiration manages to transpire, not merely in the form of a piece, but in the way it evokes feelings within me and my cherished clients. This sense of awe, I am certain, will remain forever timeless.” The cornerstone of LyZadie Design Studio is the fervent belief that business can be a force for good, a means to elevate lives and communities while leaving a positive mark on our planet. Lyzadie adds, “There’s a responsibility to the environment and the community that goes beyond just designing beautiful objects. I believe that when the environment, animals, and people thrive, then businesses thrive too.” To that end, each piece that leaves the studio is meticulously crafted using materials that prioritise sustainability and minimise the ecological footprint. Timber, stone, glass, metal, leather, innovation, inspiration, sweat, tears, and light. The materials in each piece from the studio are carefully selected to encompass core values of sustainability and conscious design. The team seek out locally sourced resources, elements that can be infinitely recycled, and material that can be reused, repurposed and upcycled to ensure that the footprints left with their products are as thoughtful and responsible as possible. “Our mission was to change the luxury industry to be more positively conscious, socially and environmentally,” Lyzadie enthuses. “Our business is about enriching lives through sustainable, beautiful design, and we believe it is our responsibility to help enrich and support the lives of others. We strongly believe we must look at where we’ve come from and where we want to be if we are to grow together towards an ethical and supportive future.” The studio is blessed to work with some of the best makers New Zealand has to offer. Indeed, a commitment to empowering local makers is another core facet of Lyzadie’s ethos. The studio collaborates with artisans from across Aotearoa New Zealand, valuing their unique skills and traditions. By providing a platform for these talented individuals, the studio not only fosters economic growth but also preserves expert craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Further, the studio extends its influence beyond the design realm, actively engaging with social and environmental charities. Supporting causes that align with its values, it contributes a portion of its proceeds to various organisations, ensuring that its success provides positive impacts as widely as possible. Recently, in recognition of her hard work, Lyzadie was rewarded with not one, but two accolades in the APAC Business Awards, both of which resulted in success and saw her clinch the prestigious titles of Luxury Furniture & Homeware Design Studio of the Year 2023 – New Zealand, and Contemporary Design Excellence Award 2023. Along with a fierce commitment to her work and clients, Lyzadie is also dedicated to her family. The epitome of a modern entrepreneur, she juggles the demands of building a global brand while nurturing her family of four children. Things might not be quiet, but the days are full and rich at home. Lyzadie’s children are often visible in her posts, as she believes in including her family in the brand she continues to build. Through this remarkable balance, she exemplifies that dreams can be pursued and achieved, even amidst the responsibilities of parenthood. Amid the gorgeous design and sumptuous pieces, the ethos of LyZadie Design Studio itself is something that stands out. It beckons dreamers, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike to envision a future where business isn’t just about profit, it is also about making a positive impact on the world we share. Company: LyZadie Design Studio Contact: Lyzadie Renault Web Address: Luxury Furniture & Homeware Design Studio of the Year 2023 - New Zealand & Contemporary Design Excellence Award 2023 LyZadie Design Studio