Business Awards 2023

Mar22270 APAC Insider- Business Awards 2023 Oct23295 Based in Japan, in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Tokiotours operates in a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant modernity. Strategically positioned to offer indepth insights into Japan’s distinctive culture, Tokiotours ensures its clients have access to authentic experiences that go beyond the surface. We find out more from the firm’s founder as it celebrates a win in the APAC Business Awards 2023. Tokiotours is a premier bespoke tour guide company that specialises in creating unforgettable, personalised experiences for travellers exploring the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan. Founded with a deep passion for Japanese culture, Tokiotours has a desire to share the hidden gems and local insights that Tokyo has to offer. Its client base is diverse and ranges from solo adventurers and couples to families and corporate groups, with the firm catering to both firsttime visitors and repeat travellers who seek a deeper understanding of Tokyo’s rich history, contemporary trends, and unique traditions. The dedicated team of expert tour guides, fluent in multiple languages, is dedicated to crafting tailor-made and award-winning itineraries that cater to all of its clients’ interests and preferences, ensuring each tour is a memorable and immersive journey through Tokyo’s captivating neighbourhoods, iconic landmarks, and culinary delights. “At Tokiotours, our core values centre around authenticity, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence,” elaborates Nicki van Ingen Schenau, the firm’s founder. “Our foremost goal is to provide our clients with genuine, local experiences that go beyond the typical tourist hotspots, allowing them to connect with Tokyo on a profound level.” Nicki established the company after marrying a Japanese man and moving with him to Japan. After hosting several tours for family and friends to introduce them to her beloved Tokyo, Nicki decided she would set up her own tour firm to share her love for the city on a wider level. “Our mission is to create a bridge between our clients and Tokyo’s vibrant culture, fostering a deep appreciation for the city’s rich heritage and modern dynamism,” she enthuses. “Since our establishment, our mission has remained unwavering, but we’ve evolved in response to our clients’ feedback and the ever-changing travel landscape.” The firm’s philosophy behind client service is rooted in a commitment to exceeding its clients’ expectations at every turn. Nicki and the dedicated team understand that each traveller is unique, with distinct interests and preferences, and therefore Tokiotours’ mission is to create tailormade experiences that reflect those individual desires. “Our approach to client service is characterised by attentiveness, flexibility, and a deep dedication to customer satisfaction,” continues Nicki. “We ensure that our clients feel heard and valued from the moment they first inquire about our services to the final farewell at the end of their tour.” The equally passionate tour guides at Tokiotours are not just knowledgeable experts, but also warm, friendly, and skilled in making personal connections with clients, allowing them to feel truly immersed in the culture and history of Tokyo. To maintain these high standards, the firm has a rigorous commitment to ongoing training, quality control, Best Bespoke Japan Tour Guide Company 2023 and feedback mechanisms, with tour guides undergoing continuous education to stay updated on the latest developments in Tokyo and to refine their communication and storytelling skills. Regular assessments and evaluations ensure that all tour guides meet the high standards and are capable of delivering exceptional, authentic, award-winning tour experiences. However, operating in Japan also comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, which Nicki has sought to overcome since the firm was established 10 years ago. Perhaps the biggest challenge is that of the language barrier and, as Japan is primarily a Japanese-speaking country, it can sometimes be tricky to ensure that clients’ needs are met to the highest standards in a culture that places a strong emphasis on etiquette and respect. Additionally, managing the costs associated with Japan, a country known for its relatively high expenses, can be similarly challenging, but Nicki assures us that, on the flip side, the opportunities are plentiful. “Japan’s ever-evolving tourism landscape provides opportunities to explore emerging destinations, diversify our services, and tap into unique experiences,” she explains. “The warm hospitality of the Japanese people, combined with their openness to sharing their culture, presents a tremendous opportunity for us to foster deep connections between our clients and the local community.” Recently, as homage to its dedication, respect, and true passion for the country of Japan, Tokiotours was recognised in the APAC Business Awards and named Best Bespoke Japan Tour Guide Company 2023 – an accolade of which Nicki and the team are all deeply proud. Now, as the future beckons, Nicki has plans to expand the range of services to include even more unique and specialised tours that cater to different interests and niches within travel, as well as exploring opportunities for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism initiatives to contribute to responsible travel in Japan. “Collaboration with local artisans, cultural organisations, and experts in various fields is on our radar to bring more enriching experiences to our clients,” she tells us. “We’re continually monitoring the travel landscape and adjusting our offerings to align with the changing needs and interests of our clients, ensuring that their experiences in Tokyo are as vibrant and enriching as ever.” Contact Details Company: Tokiotours Contact: Nicki van Ingen Schenau Web Address: