Business Awards 2023

APAC Insider- Business Awards 2023 is more important than skillset. You can learn most roles, but nothing beats personality. With a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn, comes an open mind and a person who can adapt to most situations, especially in interpersonal relationships. What we’re looking for is untapped potential. Many recruiters focus on experience and whether the candidate has graduated from the right field. We look for the things that are not written on a resume. What piqued this candidate’s interest in this project? Why did they jump from this niche to this one? We ask questions that will give us a glimpse into their mindset, rather than the hard skills they’ve accumulated.” Another crucial factor in finding recruits is a belief in the MyFriend vision, the product, and its purpose. Linda and Kevin are proud to say that every member of the team is fully invested in the success of MyFriend. Looking to the future, MyFriend plans to solidify its position as a market leader in Thailand. It aims to do this by setting an example of innovation and excellence in the industry. The company is already developing a host of features that will set it head and shoulders above the competition, as well as delight its growing client base. The company has an ambitious two-year plan in place which includes the forthcoming launch of a brand-new application. Meticulously designed to deliver an enhanced user experience and a more appealing user interface, the new application will be a pivotal step in the evolution of MyFriend. Linda says, “We’re committed to retaining our status as market leader by providing exceptional service. We’re also excited to embark on this venture and look forward to making significant strides in our industry, here in Bangkok and beyond!” Contact: Linda Pantanella Nilson Company: MyFriend App by Thai Innovative Technologies Co., Ltd Web Address: