Business Awards 2022

Feb22538 Working closely with cardiologists and patients, Qardia provides remote monitoring for pacemakers, defibrillators, and loop monitors as well as cardiac device MRI support and locum services. Let’s take a closer look as Qardia wins this outstanding award in the APAC Business Awards 2022. Offering its services to Victoria, Australia, Qardia acts as a buttress for cardiologists, hospitals, clinics, patients, doctors, and medical device companies. Qardia’s mission is to stay one step ahead of the curve as more and more people rely on it for assistance. Every cardiac device is there to give lifesaving treatments, if required, and record important and record important data which can aid in the maintenance of their cardiac health. By closely monitoring patients, and having patients engaged in their monitoring, can have beneficial results in reducing time to hospitalisations and even increased survivability. Providing remote monitoring services for pacemakers, defibrillators, and loop monitors, Qardia makes things easy. With technology that monitors cardiac activity, patients can have peace of mind between appointments, as they can be sure that they are being closely monitored at all times. With a digital health care team alongside remote monitoring, each patient can experience their lives to the full without feeling nervous. Each patient is the key to the monitor’s success and, working with their healthcare team, they can livewith confidence and ease – resulting in a greater quality of life. Qardia puts our health first by recording cardiac arrythmias, battery levels, fluid levels, activity levels, therapies delivered, system alerts, and running automatic tests. Manufactured by cardiac device companies such as Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and more, Qardia’s solutions deeply connect us to what is happening within our bodies – not only keeping us up to date, but keeping our cardiologists informed too. Also providing clinical support to MRI centres and patients, Qardia allows MRI centres to take on more patients whilst lowering waiting times. To date, Qardia has provided 800 + MRI pacemaker checks. By allowing MRI centres to book any cardiac device brand, this removes the bottlenecks of relying solely on pacemaker industry representatives providing support. For locum services, Qardia focuses its extraordinary team resources on ECG/Holter monitoring, Exercise Stress Tests, Haemodynamic monitoring for cardiac catheterization, Electrophysiology (EP) recording*, Cardiac 3D mapping, Pacemaker and Defibrillator checks/implants, and Echocardiography, so that cardiac physiologists’ jobs are made easier – and so that we can rest assuredwe’re all in safe hands. Alongside its many areas of expertise, Qardia’s 24/7 remote alertmanagement systemdelivers accurate, fast, and efficient data alongside user-friendly reporting means, so that everyone can have a stress-free experience. Not only does it promise us protection and better health, but it makes room for a more fulfilling life as we are freed up to do more of what we love every day. The coming years look incredibly bright for Qardia as it works tirelessly to ensure patient safety. It has now won Best Cardiac Health Services Provider, VIC, and will continue to be “your partner in heart care” for the future to come. Contact: Benn Scrivenor Company: Qardia Web Address: Best Cardiac Health Services Provider - VIC Oct22005 “Qardia was founded by cardiac physiologists and ex industry trained personnel. We saw there was a gap in the market and that patients could have a much better experience. Your Cardiologist has chosen Qardia to provide their remote monitoring service to their patients.”