Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 One thing is immediately clear about CIBI – innovation permeates every tier of its operations. From this position, and a drive to deliver services that meet the needs of the region, CIBI has become the de facto leader in the credit space, renowned for being a trusted partner to aid businesses in attaining growth. While innovation pulses throughout CIBI’s vision and mission, its values are also based around integrity, and clientcentric, impactful solutions that – simply - help solve problems. Whether it be in relation to credit, business registry or workforce solutions, CIBI has the team, expertise and credentials to exceed expectations rather than meet them. “Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses, and advance financial inclusion in the country.” Its reputation today is built on the back of these values, with a noted ability to deliver fast and reliable services that are tailored to the specific, individual needs of the client. Its determination towards implementing innovative solutions has led CIBI towards capitalising on digital-first systems – understanding that the world of business is migrating more and more into the digital landscape. “CIBI has been servicing us and has been our financial partner for the past nine years. Their rich data sets have allowed us to better serve our stakeholders. - Testimonial from a Credit Investment Manager at a Top Five Universal Bank. In this digital landscape it is easy to lose sight of what is needed to secure your businesses’ next steps. Equally, it is becoming all too easy to fall victim to fraud or enter into high-risk situations without the proper guidance. CIBI’s data-first services have helped financial institutions of all sizes to navigate these challenging minefields, preventing loss of revenue through fraud, and verifying customer identities for individuals and businesses alike. CIBI’s comprehensive data systems house valuable, crucial data relating to employment history, address verification services and ID card numbers among many other variables. As the Philippines’ leading credit reporting agency, it stands in a unique position in terms of reputation and renown on the market. Indeed, in 2020, CIBI partnered with Malaysia’s leading credit bureau, CTOS, to strengthen the services it provides to its clients today. When it came to choosing a winner for the title of Leading Credit Bureau of the Year in the Philippines, there really wasn’t many alternatives, and certainly none that could be undisputedly stated to be CIBI’s peers. For that reason, and its record of success, client satisfaction and innovation-first ethos, CIBI was the clear pick for the hard-earned, welldeserved title. Company: CIBI Information Inc Website: ph? Address; Makati Office 2F Salustiana D. Ty Tower 104 Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila Phone : +63 (2) 88 19 2424 Leading Credit Bureau of the Year – Philippines S p 593 As the country’s largest credit reporting agency, CIBI Information Inc (CIBI) naturally holds an enviable position in the market. On the back of its recognition in the APAC Business Awards, APAC Insider took a closer look at CIBI’s work, achievements and history to find out how it has built its reputation in a notoriously challenging industry.