Business Awards 2022

May22239 Passion, client-centricity, and integrity are the key factors that have made CSEM Maritime Sdn Bhd stand out within its market. It is a shining example as to howdetermination and the desire to achieve can lead to abundant success. CSEM Maritime Sdn Bhd (CSEMM) is the home of comprehensive port agency services, with such solutions covering all types of vessels and rigs for ports across Malaysia. It boasts a strong presence at Johor, KLIA, Port Dickson, Malacca, Tg Brus, Penang, and Labuan. Moreover, its services encompass a variety of shipping fields, including shipping agency services, vessel chartering, providing layup services, supply & delivering ship spare, husbandry services, ship to ship transfer service, oil & gas offshore logistics and crew administration services. The company provides its services in accordance with the stringent set of core values that it embodies. Indeed, CSEMM strives to always be constructive, smart, excellent, and magnificent in terms of maritime services. As such, this ties into CSEMM’s mission to ‘Meet Our Client’s Requirements, Giving Total Peace of Mind.’ From this, it is clear that the company takes a wholly client-centric approach to business, as it strives in every way to deliver an efficient service and tailor-made solutions that drive its clients’ businesses forward. In addition, CSEMM’s team play a fundamental role in upholding the aforementioned goals, as they endeavour to prioritise the customers at all times. CSEMM maintains a vibrant and friendly working culture, priding itself on respect and its maintenance of harmony. Thereby, it nurtures the abilities of each team member, pushing them to be more productive and efficient. Within its staff, CSEMM searches for honesty, integrity, and responsibility, paired with excellent communication skills, as it believes that those who possess these traits will ‘get their message across clearly and also able to listen when someone gives them feedback or instructions without doubt.’ Quite simply, the team’s determination and passion knows no bounds. The team is unstoppable, and never give up until it achieves – or even exceeds – its objective. It is this drive that defines the company, setting it apart from its competition and propelling it towards the exceptional levels of success that it has achieved. Henceforth, the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be of little concern for the company – in fact, it believes that the outbreak enabled it to optimise its team, bolstering productivity. Going forward, this attitude will continue to push the company in the right direction. CSEMM has several plans in place, with many of these centring around expansion and the betterment of its pre-existing services. It plans to provide a full range of Ship-to-Ship services with oil major approval, delve into ship management services, and open new branches in Dubai and Indonesia. Contact: Hemanath Bala Company: CSEM Maritime Sdn Bhd Best Shipping Agency & Layup Solution Providers - Malaysia Oct 024