Business Awards 2022

Feb22538 Stories lie at the heart of our world, and no one knows this better than Ben Mikha. Over the years, he has transformed his passion for sharing a vision with others into an incredible business that has brought together some of the brightest and best in the film industry. In APAC Insider’s APAC Business Awards 2022, he and his Production house were recognsied for their success, so we caught up with him to find out more. Film opens the door to a different world. Through visuals and sound, you are invited to see through other people’s eyes. Ben Mikha’s eyes have always shown a unique vision, one built around curiosity. Over the years, he has developed ways of tailoring that vision to suit the needs of commercial clients around the globe. With story at the core, Ben and his team have found ways of creating emotional responses that are second to none within the industry. The humble beginnings of Ben Mikha Ltd showcase what was at the forefront of the Production house . It was Ben, and the Production house showed what he wanted to show. “I initially started the business as an individual,” he tells us, “but have since expanded to involve other artists and professionals committed to a single vision: tell powerful stories and deliver at the highest possible quality.” Ben’s films stand apart in the industry, with multiculturalism at the heart of much of what they do. By celebrating what makes us unique, he has found it possible to unite people as one. “Our goal has always been to create conversation around multiculturalism, the point of connection which unifies us in a world which highlights our differences,” he explains. “We’re able to do this through travel filmmaking, allowing the capture of foreign and largely indigenous cultures while also exploring new creative concepts in the commercial realm for multinational brands.” Over the years, Ben has conducted work for prestigious names such as DJI, Rolls Royce, Sony and Jamaica Tourism, with the last of these being an official Super Bowl commercial in 2020. Achieving this reach whilst based in New Zealand has been no mean feat for the ambitious videomaker. “we have navigated the challenges by using the internet to our advantage,” Ben says with a smile. “Networking and sharing our works online has garnered a big response. This led to being recognised by agencies abroad and then going on to working with international brands which created further recommendations and it’s continued growing like that.” Over the years, Ben has had to adapt to suit the needs of many specific clients. “Our philosophy is to serve the vision, whether that’s client based or on a passion project,” he tells us. “The story should always be paramount while the style is secondary. In our early productions, we focused a lot on forming a stylised look which could be easily identifiable, however as we’ve matured as creators we understood it’s more about delivering on the brief with constructive input and keeping story as the focus.” The growth of the team has allowed Ben to work alongside many passionate people. “My collaborators are people I consider friends,” he tells us, adding, “It’s important to find highly skilled people but even more so to find great humans with a willingness to learn and contribute. Rather than seeking out the best of the best we find promising potential with a positive attitude and look to help them develop.” This attitude of mentorship, and a willingness to create an environment where others can grow, is one which has allowed Ben’s projects to act as career starting points for many in the industry. Looking ahead, the future is exciting for the team, as there are so many stories still to tell. “Currently we are set on creating more commercials and short documentaries in the Pacific region,” Ben says, “which excites me as my background is partially Polynesian. It feels like a homecoming after exploring many foreign cultures over the past seven years, only to come full circle back home. Long term, we envision the Independent Filmmaker of the Year 2022 (New Zealand): Ben Mikha Oct22278 company to be world leaders in storytelling and ultimately to have created a feature length film or documentary for streaming platforms.” An ambitious scope lies at the heart of the work that Ben and his team undertake, but it’s an ambition that is always looking inward. It seeks to find the truths that lie inside all of us. These truths unite us. It’s why Ben is a worthy winner in the APAC Business Awards, and why he has achieved such success. Company: Ben Mikha Ltd Name: Ben Mikha Email: [email protected] Web Address: