APAC Business Awards 2021

10 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Best Bioremediation Wastewater Technology Provider 2021 JS Aquaritin Global Co was established in 2010 to create technologies that aid in climate change. Today, in 2021, the company has been acknowledged as the Best BioremediationWastewater Technology Providers and has been able to do so with several years of development, research and operational trials. Ultimately, the overall goal for JSAG is tomanufacture products that do not harm the environment but workwith it to become beneficial. Since JS Aquaritin Global Co’s launch, the company has been able to develop patented mineral compounds used in its products; continuing to learn to bring new changes globally. Over the years, JSAG has created cutting-edge nano-nutrient technologies that aim to serve the Bioremediation, Agriculture and Animal Health sectors. Managing Director Sunil Nanda explains, “The passion drives us to rejuvenate polluted rivers and lakes worldwide. The cornerstone of our client service is to provide sound technical advice and concurrently provide technologies and products that work despite climate change. In addition, we maintain the standards set out by setting a personal example for our staff and the country distributors.” Popular within the agricultural and turf industry is its range of integrated nano-nutrient foliar with NPK, Silica and Micronutrients. Additionally recognised is its integrated nano supplement for the poultry subdivision, which is highly sought-after within the animal health sector due to its combined amino acids and minerals, which has been done for the first time globally at a nano scale. The products created by JSAG are explicitly developed to remediate polluted rivers, discharging drains, lakes, wetlands, acidic reservoirs, oily waters, and more, all at a highly affordable cost. Furthermore, to aid sectors affected by climate change and urbanisation is the primary mission of JSAG. To do this, the company brings sustainable, affordable and scalable nanotechnologies into the market. Due to its acceptance of newer technologies in the waste-water sector, JSAG set out to expand within the APAC region of Malaysia. Sunil explains, “Learning from the Malaysia experience, we have just started to expand to other countries in the region like Indonesia and Thailand. We are keen to foray into other countries as well and are looking for capable distributors in t Bio-Remediation sector.” To meet the needs of the everchanging global environment, the company is determined to utilise its research and development team to diversify its Aquaritin portfolio. “The challenges presented by a warming planet occupies worries us as a team at JSAG, so we are striving to develop nutrient solutions to strengthen plants to withstand drought as well as flash floods, heavy metal impact and emerging pests and disease. In addition, we are also exploring the possibility of acceleration of plant and animal growth through the technology.” The company’s overall focus is that of the impact of climate change. Its waste-water bio-remediations technologies can depollute rivers and fix substantive Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Water, which has proven considerably beneficial. JSAG believes I will be creating a meaningful future for everyone and aims to expand its global footprint to ensure this happens. Within several sectors of various industries, its nano-bio technologies can make a significant difference in the lives of people and businesses internationally. Overall, the company is heavily thankful for its unwavering staff, country distributors, and clients for overpowering encouragement within its business journey. With its most recent recognition as the Best Bioremediation Wastewater Technology Provider 2021, JSAG has never been more motivated to continue to reach more people and businesses alike; to pursue its passion of tackling the impacts of climate change, a nano step at a time. Company Name: JS AQUARITIN GLOBAL PV LTD Contact Name: Sunil Nanda Telephone: +91 9958066588 Web Address: www.aquaritin.com Contact Email: [email protected] Oct21883