APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 11 , Oct21630 Most Innovative UX Agency 2021 Surgyy Design Labs is a User Experience (UX) Design and Concept Innovation Agency that provides business solutions to solve design problems through design thinking, great user experience, and professional digital innovation. We talk to Founder and Chief Consultant/DesignerMohammed Jamil Nasir about Surgyy and what it is doing to help businesses everywhere. As a UX Design and Concept Innovation Agency founded in 2020, Surgyy Design Labs generates concepts for businesses to scale digitally. Catering to various industries and Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) products, Surgyy has earned a reputation for its quality of work over a short amount of time. UX design businesses mostly work on the basic principle that excellent design should translate to an easy experience for the target audience. Surgyy goes one step further - looking at business challenges & opportunities - making sure the Strategy is reflected in Design. By analysing research and data, Surgyy opens up a dialogue between businesses & users. The main objective is to use Good Design for the ultimate boost in traffic and revenue. Its ideation workshops aid businesses everywhere and permit them to thrive by designing, redesigning, and branding. With Software as a Service (SaaS) design, redesign concepts, and MVP designs, Surgyy transmogrifier the presentation and operation of sites. Surgyy also offers its customers the chance to pay per milestone or pay per month to make things easier or more manageable for them. Mohammed Jamil Nasir is the Founder and Chief Consultant/ Designer at Surgyy. He believes in the power of design for Business Success. Not only does this include design that is aesthetically pleasing, but it also includes design that is user friendly for ease of access and strategically aligned to business. He shares, “We ideate through the challenges faced and the industry landscape to set the redesign plan. We create the main redesigned user journey prototypes for usability testing and more.” Nasir tells us that he is most excited about good, solid design that helps businesses to persevere and bloom. With product and UX design, Surgyy changes the curve of business development in the tech industry. With its inbound lead management service, its “Beyond Design Innovation’’ is converting business design and marketing from something potentially drab to something both easy to use & get adoption. With the future in mind, Nasir tells us that Surgyy aims to extend its presence to more locations around the globe. It is “taking innovation beyond design results with the help of partners that create product concepts, inbound marketing strategies, and more,” says Nasir. For its further growth and adaptation, Surgyy is focused on creating multiple specialized units of design delivery. If you have questions regarding your design and branding, Surgyy is the place to visit for all of the answers. Contact: Mohammed Jamil Nasir Company: Surgyy Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. Web Address: https://surgyy.com/