Business Awards 2020

27 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , The OBSERV is a state-of-the-art skin analysis system that enables accurate diagnosis of a comprehensive range of skin conditions. The device is supported and marketed by OBSERV New Zealand, a branch of Margaret Walsh Consulting. Margaret Walsh, Company Director, is an experienced practitioner of advanced skin diagnosis technology, and recognised the value of the OBSERV in 2013. A believer in the importance of credible diagnostics tools, Margaret pioneered the arrival of the OBSERV in New Zealand and Australia, using her specialist knowledge to provide expert training in the device and its implementation into skincare practices. The user-friendly device is portable, designed with the end-user in mind. Working in conjunction with consultations, the clinical tool assists in skin condition analysis by sequentially acquiring images for complete analysis within seconds, and storing the data in the iPad for later retrieval. The integrated database allows users to monitor and visualise treatment progress, making a comprehensive report of the skin analysis complete with before and after pictures for clients. In addition, the OBSERV Apple app which works with the device is updated at least once a year by engineers at Netherlands-based firm, Inno-Faith Beauty Services, with no additional costs to end-users. As a result, OBSERV users are always able to enjoy up to date, relevant advice pertaining to the latest skin assessment developments. By using OBSERV, beauty therapists and skin treatment professionals are able to offer accurate skin diagnosis, which is key to the most effective treatments, whether they are an independent single operator skin therapist or large, medical spa franchise. OBSERV helps its users to increase treatment and retail sales, support their expertise and professionalism, develop more effective skin treatment plans, and enhance client experience so as to boost customer loyalty. There are many features of the OBSERV device that make the skin diagnosis treatment experience more agreeable for clients, from the ability to visualise their progress to the short engagement time with the device for those who have anxieties. Principally, however, the OBSERV allows users to offer clients completely bespoke services, which is valued highly by customers in any industry. Personalisation of services forms one of the major elements of OBSERV’s teachings for clients, alongside the science of skincare, effective marketing, and running a successful salon. With more than forty-one years of experience working with skin, Margaret is in an unparalleled position to share her wisdom and insights about the OBSERV and how it can contribute to credible diagnostic procedures in all types of skincare practices. Although based in a dedicated training centre in Auckland, OBSERV is able to provide full training to therapists and beauty therapy schools all across New Zealand through its bespoke in-clinic training programmes. OBSERVNewZealand is the proudmarketer and supporter of the OBSERV, a revolutionary skin diagnostic device that helps beauty therapists and skin treatment professionals identify andmonitor a variety of skin conditions with accuracy. Led byMargaret Walsh, OBSERV is committed to providing educative initiatives to lead its industry in the implementation of credible diagnostic procedures. Best Skin Diagnostic Device 2020 & Leading Experts in Skincare Education 2020 Contact: Margaret Walsh Company: OBSERV Web Address: The company also holds bi-annual educational events for the OBSERV community, that provide relevant information about developments in skin knowledge. For instance, the firm proudly hosts the bi-annual OBSERV NZ Skin Analysis Conference entitled ‘Beneath the Skin is the Key to your Success’, which promotes the creation of results-driven treatments for clients and patients. This approach is born from the Advanced Skin Analysis created by Dermal Science educator, Florence Barrett-Hill of Pastiche Training, with whom Margaret proudly and uniquely collaborates with to improve the accuracy of skin diagnosis procedures. Margaret also plays an integral role in the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, a position which gives OBSERV unique access to a plethora of insights regarding skin treatment. “Looking ahead, I will be attending the I.A.C Symposium of Learning in Potsdam, Germany in May 2022, and this global interaction will bring the latest innovation and scientific learnings into the New Zealand market,” Margaret tells us. In the meantime, Margaret and her team are working to expand OBSERV’s reach, even amidst the global pandemic. “We have delivered hours of educational programmes via social media platforms,” says Margaret. “I provided a four-week programme in May 2020 where I delivered Skin Education five days a week over ten hours three times to allow for the needs of my #skinnerds”. As the firm looks ahead, the needs of the clients continue to be the priority for OBSERV, from three-day delivery times, to educating by any means possible. As such, the OBSERV looks set to continue successfully improving skin diagnosis and treatment for clients across New Zealand and beyond. Oct20103 OBSERV