Business Awards 2020

26 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , The food industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world and is essential to our overall economic health. With so many food products available today and consumers taking much more interest in what they are eating, it’s imperative that food manufacturers stay ahead of the competition and are aware of consumer preferences, costs, emerging technologies and innovation techniques. Leading the way is Care Food Industries, a major halal food manufacturer and exporter of Asian sauces located in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Having discovered that the culinary heritage of Asian food was being eroded, Care Food Industries made it their mission to perfect the fusion of innovation with tradition, by skilfully crafting specially selected traditional recipes to capture the authenticity and sustaining their flavour uniqueness so that their wholesome goodness can be well preserved for future generations to enjoy. With over 30 years of experience, the company now has a library of over 400 recipes and caters for Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese flavours, just to name a few. The health and safety of consumers are always the top priority. As a morally and ethically responsible food manufacturer, Care Food Industries is fully committed to staying aligned with current industry standards, practising and maintaining the highest food quality and safety standards in their manufacturing operations. Besides being a Halal certified food manufacturer, Care Food Industries has also achieved the various international quality standards like HACCP, GMP and FSSC 22000. For the last seven years, Care Food Industries has been collaborating with one of the Food Manufacturer of the Year 2020 – Malaysia Care Food Industries was founded on the vision of capturing and preserving the rich, vibrant and diverse heritage of Asian Food. Following their recent success in the APAC Business Awards 2020, we profiled the firmto find outmore about the FoodManufacturer of the Year –Malaysia. Oct20280 Company: Care Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. Contact: Mickey Quah ([email protected]) Web Address: CARE FOOD INDUSTRIES SD. BHD. largest Japanese sauce manufacturer in the development of Halal Japanese sauces for the sale and distribution to the Halal global market, a clear endorsement of their continuous commitment to quality standards. In the past, Care Food Industries has been concentrating their efforts on the export market and focusing on providing solutions to restaurant chains, hotels and cruise ships. Unfortunately, many of these clients fell victim to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the company’s B2B strategy was in jeopardy. The Company rose boldly and quickly to face the unprecedented challenges ahead, driven by courageous leadership and a proactive team. Racing against time to keep its business relevant, the company has successfully launched new consumer products, after a culmination of four months of relentless, intensive and passionate work. In addition, the company has established and boosted its social media presence to the B2C audience on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. Care Food Industries is also excited to have successfully listed its products recently on some of the world’s largest online retail platforms, like Amazon and eBay, which will greatly enhance its digital marketing infrastructure and continue to strengthen its reputation in the industry. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Care Food Industries is passionate about growing its online business exponentially. In addition to the food industry, the company also manufactures private labels and OEM with a downstream marketing strategy for their consumer products. As the world heads into 2021 and beyond, the team at Care Food Industries remains more committed than ever before, and always striving to meet evolving consumer demands, driven by healthy and sustainable innovations. Care Food Industries is well placed to capitalise on emerging consumer trends and forging ahead as a well trusted global food manufacturer.