Business Awards 2019

4 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , Nov19123 Most Innovative 3D Circuit Material Suppliers - Guangdong Working at the forefront of technological upheaval, the teamat Shenzhen SPhonSun (SPS) Technology Co. Ltd. have built their entire business around developing newhardware using the most sophisticated technology. In the light of their award-winning success, we take a closer look at the Shanghai innovators and explore what affects their business could have on the world at large. It was in 2005 that SPS started to take shape, formed from a group of people that were bought together after spending time at universities around the world. Starting the LDP (Laser Direct Pattern) and innovative film projects, the intention was to bring the disparate elements together to innovate in the field of 3D Circuit materials. While some of the earlier project leaders held their doctorate degrees from universities in Germany, France and China, some of the experienced and skilled partners joined the team after this point. Continuing to engage with research into 3D-MID related material and the potential applications of it, the group built good cooperation with the research departments of the university world widely. The official origin of SPS comes in 2012, carrying on the work that the group had already started. As a business, it quickly gained ground as a rapidly growing and active organization. By 2016, this hard work had allowed it to gain the ISO14000 and ISO9001certification, also being approved as one of the ‘Chinese National High-Tech Enterprises’. This series of achievements was validation of the excellent work performed by the business, rewarding its offer of quality products and service to customers. These quality products include new materials such as additive manufacturing for 3D circuits and high-performance coating, not to mention composite materials. The 3D circuit is widely used on smart-phones, smart- watches and other aspects of Industry 4.0 such as automation, VR/CR and drones. To the clients utilizing SPS’s expertise, they get a quality product and service based on innovative and systematical methodology. This commitment to solid working is proved by the ISO certification, which approves the series regulations and rules that guide SPS’s process, covering not only the market, but marketing and sales, post-sales service, project management as well as finance and risk control. As a firm dedicated to the exploration of new technologies, the team at SPS are aware that even the most innovative development doesn’t begin with new technological ideas, but with the design. This means from the moment the client begins working with SPS, the definition of the product’s design and the final intention of the project. Once the details are decided, both a DFM report and DFMEA report are made to clarify any potential problems that might come up with the project as it stands. Working alongside a client is always at the forefront of how the SPS team operates, and they organize meetings with them to appraise them of how a project is developing with regards to new materials and new technologies. As a major player in the APAC region, SPS is fortunate to have seen reasonable growth. China’s GDP growth is about 6.9% and looks set to continue as Japan and Korea recover from