Business Awards 2019

5 APAC / 2019 Business Awards g Shenzhen SPhonSun (SPS) Technology Co.Ltd Contact Details: Contact: Kennedy Deng Web Address: the consumer electronics and vehicle slum. Growth here will take the place of the USA in the Chinese market financially, as the China–United States trade war rumbles onward. In the nearby ASEAN market, Vietnam benefits greatly from China’s transfer of manufacturing. A disadvantage of this move has been the low quality of local education leading to less skilled labor than anticipated. This is countered by the relative cheapness of the workforce. While all these factors affect manufacturing, the selling of SPS’s products will actually be in other areas. The key APAC markets for these developments are China, Japan and Korea, with companies in the USA and EU also working with SPS. These companies are the well-known Fitbit in the USA and Schindler, Schaeffler Harting, Ledlenser and Festo etc. in the EU. With a dedicated focus on materials, machines and manufacturing, it’s a credit to the versatile business model that this company can appeal to so many markets at once. Of course, this almost universal appeal is a credit to the culture that has built up at SPS, based on a mission of innovation, keeping faith, win-win situations and a dedication to excellence. The team at SPS are committed to developing talent, and a plan for this is put into place every year by the department and the mentor of the employee. In-house and outsourced training is often undertaken, but depends on the resources, budget and level of training required. New staff members are drawn in by the comprehensive and impressive incentive plan, talent plan, shareholder plan and salary. The innovative products that SPS works on has attracted alumni from such prestigious universities as Cambridge, Oxford and UT-Austin, with 18 interns from five different countries working for the business since 2015. Looking forward, it’s clear that SPS will have to look to 5G and the Internet of Things for new technological innovation. These two concepts are key to the operation of technology in the future. To this end, SPS have done great work with Huawei, ZTE Shenxinwang, Voxtech Quark, MT on new ceramic & high-temperature polymer material and component. This project has also involved the development of Nano-ceramic water base coating, LCP, and PEEK to name but a few aspects. The final product will be a ceramic filter and component for use in mobile phones. Combining the development and roll-out of 5G with consumer products seems almost certain once the company gets its first- run investment. Understanding the philosophy of SPS requires you to understand its approach. This is a company of innovation, of looking forward, of working on an international level. While some businesses struggle at the mere mention of technological upheaval, SPS embraces it wholeheartedly. From what was a meeting of minds to working out new solutions on an international level, the company has grown incredibly in the last seven years and seems set to continue growing for years yet to come.