Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 141 Jan24181 Specialising in providing performance-driven solutions to the façade industry, EBSA is a company whose focus on innovation and delivering turnkey results has distinguished it as a leader in its field. From the early design stage to the delivery and maintenance of each project, the company grants customers access to a comprehensive range of services that ensure the breathability and optimal performance of each building throughout their lifecycle. Below, we explore what EBSA has to offer, and how its fascinating outlook on the façade industry has seen it delivering tangible solutions to clients time and time again. Renowned for its ability to deliver innovative, turnkey solutions to the façade industry, EBSA is a window solutions company that operates in tandem with the ethos ‘making buildings breathe’ through its vast array of services. Whether it’s installing louvres, glass roofs, or automating other façade elements, the company promises to fully invest itself in each project – a characteristic that has earned it ample amounts of recognition across the sector. Synonymous with brilliance, EBSA has spent its years honing its craft, and now finds its products present in hospitals, schools, and universities, to residential towers, commercial offices, and retail developments alike. And, with a proven track record of exceeding expectations, it’s no wonder that EBSA has become the top pick for the majority of the region’s façade projects. This is arguably a direct result of the company’s unapologetic commitment to carrying out a holistic approach to façade solutions. Where most industry competitors may only specialise in very specific aspects of the trade, EBSA has instead equipped itself with the means to handle all stages of a single project, from concept to completion. As such, clients benefit from a seamless experience, enhanced by a single point of contact that will see them through the entire process. It’s this comprehensive nature that makes EBSA so appealing to those seeking a dependable façade specialist, and is what has certainly fuelled its exceptional levels of growth over the years. Partnered with its wide breadth of in-house expertise and bountiful resources, EBSA is wholly prepared to handle the vast majority of requests. In bringing together the industry’s greatest minds, EBSA has become a champion of handling projects of any size. With teams extending from Australia and New Zealand, all the way to Canada, the company offers a vertical integration that, in combination with its impeccable communication skills, grants it far greater control over the quality and delivery of turnkey solutions that are guaranteed to exceed its clients’ expectations. After all, ensuring that the customer leaves the process with a new, reliable companion within the industry is where EBSA thrives, and it truly invests its all into establishing relationships with customers that are bound to stand the test of time. However, it’s impossible to discuss the incredible capabilities of EBSA without bringing attention to just how avidly committed it is to carrying out innovative practises. In fact, innovation is at the core of everything it does – from investing in exceptional amounts of research and development, to leveraging the latest technologies and materials, the company is determined to lead the charge towards the industry’s future. Whether this manifests through the integration of smart technologies for automated control, or through developing sustainable, energy-efficient solutions, EBSA has triumphed in pushing the industry’s boundaries in order to bring a totally unique approach to every project. In short, EBSA is a leading Australian company that offers innovative, turnkey solutions to the façade industry, and does so through a multitude of harmonising factors. From the application of its inhouse capabilities and extensive resources, to its overarching commitment to customer satisfaction, EBSA is perfectly positioned to lead the façade trade forward each and every day. As such, we believe no company comes as close to embodying the title of Most Innovative Window Solutions Company 2024 as EBSA. Company: EBSA Pty Ltd Web Address: Most Innovative Window Solutions Company 2024