Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 142 Karratha, Western Australia is home to Ez-Scaf Pty Ltd, a scaffolding company that is renowned in local circles thanks to the top-quality services that it provides throughout its region and beyond. Leveraging an innate commitment to excellence, the business has fortified its position as a trusted partner for clients across a host of industries, working closely with each of them so as to ensure a sound structural performance and the delivering of results in a manner that truly exceeds expectations. Making all scaffolding jobs ‘Ez’, this team utilise their vast experiences and unique partnerships to provide a standard of work unlike any other: safe, efficient, and seamless. Experts in scaffolding, machine hire, and providing labour, Ez-Scaf’s scaffolding designs are purposefully engineered and tailored so as to manage the unique requirements of a customer’s construction site, the size/scale of the project, as well as the local government regulations that are in place. This encompassing approach to scaffolding spans the scoping, liaising, and erecting of the solution, before monthly testing is carried out along with robust maintenance, assuring that both compliance and quality targets are being hit. Seamless communication, budgeting, and productivity at all times while on a site come as standard, the combination of which result in a scaffolding solutions provider worthy of this award. Working right across the array of diverse business sectors that comprise the Pilbara, Kimberly’s, and Goldfields areas of Western Australia, just a handful of the industries served by EzScaf are as follows: mining, oil and gas, commercial real estate, civil construction, government, and rail, with each of these being afforded the same gold standard of work, even in the case of the most remote areas. The origins of the business can be traced back to the moment that it was recognised that there was a sizeable gap in the market for a custom scaffolding solutions provider of this calibre, and thus, EzScaf set about filling it, today enjoying the title of Pilbara’s leading scaffolding company. Key to this has been the successful implementation of a robust, comprehensive safety management system that has been expertly designed so as to promote a hazard-free working environment across all sites which are operated on. This spans everything from regular audits and safety drills through to the utilisation of state-of-theart equipment that has been designed to maximise safety. Aiding this further is the team’s rigorous training, which they gladly undertake regularly so as to remain well informed on the latest safety protocols and the very best methods that can be employed across the board. Touching further on the prowess of this team, it is their peerless expertise which truly sets them apart from the competition when it comes to scaffolding and other related services in the vicinity, with their combined decades worth of experience resulting in a united workforce who are fully trained and certified. As anyone operating in the construction sector knows, a skilled team serve as the very backbone of any successful project, and with ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 qualifications to boot, covering the areas of quality, environment, and safety respectively, Ez-Scaf’s employees stand to embody excellence. Such distinction becomes immediately apparent when one looks at the portfolio of customers that the company has garnered since it was founded five years ago, with these big names returning time and again after witnessing for themselves how these tailored scaffolding solutions can appease their unique needs. With the City of Karratha, Veolia, Cleanaway, Yurra, and CPC Engineering serving as a fraction of this expansive portfolio, it is important to note that the team also take on residential projects and custom work, once more befitting these projects with their holistic solution that spans design, engineering, transportation, installation, and maintenance, allowing a customer to relax as everything is taken care of. Handling all scaffolding needs in a safe, efficient manner, customers will never have to compromise on either of these elements with Ez-Scaf Pty Ltd, a company that offers much more than just a scaffolding service, and rather stands as a partner that is wholly committed to each and every project. A trusted leader in this space that excels in providing unparalleled solutions to all corners of Western Australia, the unwavering commitment to quality and safety, combined with a striving to exceed the expectations of a client at every turn, make this business the perfect choice for custom scaffolding solutions for one’s next project. Contact: Jayme Walsh Company: Ez-Scaf Pty Ltd Web Address: https://ezscaf. Best Scaffolding Solutions Company 2024 - Western Australia Jan24172