Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Regional Strategic Renovation Company – Eastern Australia Your Property Profits is a renovation company which elevates homes so that owners receive the best possible offers on their properties when selling. It ensures clients are in the best financial position for a steady, prosperous future ahead. Here we talk to Founding Director and Renovation Specialist, Sophie Mclean, as Your Property Profits wins its admirable accolade in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Established in 2016, Your Property Profits is a strategic renovation business with a twist. The company itself continues to keep clients at the very heart of what it does, using its knowledge to uphold its success rate for their benefit. Its Founder and Renovation Specialist, Sophie Mclean, has many years of experience in the property investment and development industry. One day, Sophie realised that something must be done for the people looking to sell their homes without the knowledge they needed to get the best price. Your Property Profits’ website speaks of its first client who “owned her own home but was cash poor, living on a pension. She’d received offers to buy her property, but they were well undervalued.” Sophie decided that she would find a way to offer money upfront while renovating her client’s home. The team managed to provide what the client needed, offering its strategic renovation to improve her home and increase its value. This has continued throughout the life of Your Property Profits, regardless of the changes in the market. Commenting on this as one of the driving forces of the company, Sophie says, “As mortgage rates increase in Australia, the number of people in financial distress is increasing. We are also finding that as the market drops, unrenovated properties are simply not selling at all. So we are helping people sell and financing it – changing lives one house at a time.” By responding and reacting to the market as it is, Your Property Profits is making a huge difference to people who require extra support. Sophie comments, “Our company is designed to help people in need and to improve their lives. We donate to humanitarian and the environment. We are all about support, care, kindness and empathy, honesty, and morality – and we run our business accordingly.” Your Property Profits ensures that every step is taken to better the financial wellbeing of its many clients. It aids people in receiving the best offer on their property when selling, and it does so by undertaking, and paying for, strategic renovations “designed to maximise profits for the owner.” Doing all of this for its clients, Your Property Profits is a source for peace of mind no matter the financial situation we find ourselves in. Doing all the legwork, Your Property Profits totally transforms properties and finds a rented property for the duration Jan23469 of the renovation. Sophie says, “Clients do nothing, pay for nothing, and make money – and there isn’t anyone who can’t use us, no matter how dire their financial situation.” Also offering sustainable developments for properties, Your Property Profits makes short work of offsetting 2 tonnes of carbon for every $10,000 spent on renovations. “We make sure you are in a better financial position after working with us than you would have been without us.” To finish, Sophie tells us, “I love everything about my business. I love that we leave people in a better position than we met them, that we take away their stress and that we improve their future. I also love that we are sustainable and that we do so through humanitarian aid. I also love taking something old and ugly and turning it into something new, different, and beautiful. I also love that we don’t make money off other people but rather with them as a collaboration. It feels good.” Sophie’s dedication to her work, team, and mission helps us to have better faith in humanity. Helping others is high on her agenda, and she leads a team that feels the same. Working as a close-knit team, Your Property Profits is happy to help any client that comes their way. They are hard-working, empathetic, and highly motivated – so that we all feel safe in their capable hands. They bring fun to their internal culture, which radiates out to the way they make their clients feel. Uplifting everyone, Your Property Profits creates opportunities for a better future. Although it is the only business of its kind in the country, Your Property Profits is setting an example which will motivate and inspire strategic renovation companies to come. It is due to expand on a national scale, so as to reach more people in need of its help. But, for now, Your Property Profits has won Best Regional Strategic Renovation Company, Eastern Australia, for all of its efforts and fine results. We look forward to seeing what it does next as it aids even more individuals to thrive financially. Contact: Sophie Mclean Company: Your Property Profits Web Address: https:/ “We do all the research, work out what your house needs to make top dollar, and only renovate what we know will bring money back into our clients’ pockets. Our renovations are done at cost price, with no mark up, and we share in the profit we made them from using our trades, our knowledge, and our money.”