Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Bookkeeping can seem daunting and complex however, with a company that knows it all, we can learn to conquer any bookkeeping task at hand. As bookkeeping specialists, Harvest Accounts & Advisory ensures that we feel guided and empowered when it comes to running our business. Here we talk to Susie Jeude, Founder of Harvest Accounts & Advisory, as it wins this accolade in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. “Some call it bookkeeping, we call it systemised accounting – with a heart.” Harvest Accounts & Advisory has over 15 years of experience in the bookkeeping industry, and its works hard every day to “help family owned and operated businesses to have pure certainty around their cash and financial position,” says Founder, Susie Jeude. Along with her expert team, she believes that – much like nature – there is a time to sow, and a time to reap the rewards. This is where Harvest Accounts & Advisory truly shines as it perseveres for every client, no matter the size of their business, to reap and sow when the time is right. Introducing its services to retailers, manufacturers, GPs, farmers, contractors, and many more, Harvest Accounts & Advisory has a unique depth of knowledge when it comes to a plethora of industries. These industries are ever-evolving yet one thing remains the same – bookkeeping must be done, and it must be carried out correctly. Harvest Accounts & Advisory is there every step of the way, regardless of what kind of business its clients have. Susie tells us, “No client is the same, each deserve the time and custom bookkeeping dependant on their situation. Communication is core to creating a long term successful relationship between ourselves and our customers.” By constructing unwavering relationships that are timeless and unbreakable, Harvest Accounts & Advisory has quickly become a team that we know we can rely on. Demonstrating its adaptability, flexible nature, and forwardthinking attitude towards getting the job done, Harvest Accounts & Advisory keeps an open dialogue between itself and its collaborative businesses. The team prioritise the power of communication to ensure steady results for the companies they support. Susie tells us that the team has no fear in asking questions and continue with professional education – which ultimately improves the output of the business. When hiring staff, Susie says, “it is a combination of knowledge, experience and fitting in with our team culture. Being a team player, having a positive attitude and willingness to learn.” A team must be comprised of a collective of individuals who can all work together as well as separately – keeping everything running smoothly not only for Harvest Accounts & Advisory, but for its many clients who rely on it for its support. Providing bookkeeping, BAS and tax services, accounting, admin support. project assistance, and HR support and payroll, Harvest Accounts & Advisory is leading the way in such a crucial area of business. A happy customer, Jo P, said, “I am an extremely satisfied client. My husband and I are graziers and I have found Susie and her bookkeeping skills invaluable to our business and my sanity. Susie is efficient with our bookkeeping, knows about life on the land, is prompt with getting our bookkeeping done, and returning my calls – reliable, honest, and approachable with any issues I have.” When it came to Covid-19, Susie shares, “Before COVID there was a common misconception that bookkeepers need to be onsite. With businesses requiring their staff to work from home it has led to us being able to run with this and show business owners how their bookkeeper can be anywhere within Australia. We have been able to implement the use of more software enabling businesses to provide digital copies of documents without leaving their office. This has led to less paper, more efficiency and accuracy and less queries by the accountant. A win, win for everyone.” By adapting throughout tumultuous times, Harvest Accounts & Advisory has shown itself to be a highly flexible, resilient buttress for businesses looking to keep on top of their finances. Setting a fine example for companies to come, Harvest Accounts & Advisory is set to gain even more custom. With regards to the future, Harvest Accounts & Advisory is due to introduce more services. For now, its bookkeeping solutions have done more than allow it to stay afloat – it has ensured that it is flourishing. Harvest Accounts & Advisory has now been awarded with Bookkeeping Business of the Year – Queensland from APAC Insider. With no one coming close, we want to celebrate its tremendous achievements, experience, and passionate attitude towards the work that it does. Congratulations to the entire team. “There is a season for planting, a season for nurturing and a season for harvesting and we want to be a part of the entire journey with you.” Contact: Susie Jeude Company: Harvest Accounts & Advisory Web Address: http://harvestaccountsadvisory. Bookkeeping Business of the Year – Queensland