Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Flexitarian Foods (Plantein) comes straight from the minds of culinary experts and decades of committed research and development for healthy. Eco-friendly meals which look and taste like the real deal – without a strain on the planet and without the need for animal use. We learn more from Founder, Evan Tsioukis, as Flexitarian Foods (Plantein) cinches its title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. “Plantein was created to help everyday humans live a more balanced life without having to compromise on great tasting food.” – Evan Tsioukis, Founder. The plant-based movement is a brilliant start for a greener future. Not just presenting a more ethical way of consuming food, a plant-based diet is healthier for us and the planet. With no pressure or pushing customers to stick to a fully plant-based diet, Flexitarian Foods, creator of Plantein, believes that reducing our meat consumption can be beneficial for so many reasons. With over 30 years of experience in the culinary world, Flexitarian Foods is a Melbourne based creator of some of Australia’s best-known brands. Plantein is a plant-based product range “with all of the juice, sizzle, and crunch that you’re used to – and are healthier than they taste.” Boasting a range of plant-based schnitzels, nuggets, burgers, garlic kievs, and sweet chilli tenders, Plantein has something for everyone to enjoy. It provides recipes and tips for a more plant-based diet that we can enjoy – rather than feeling like we’re simply eating salad all day. The team at Flexitarian Foods operates as a well-oiled machine. Its close-knit attitude towards teamwork allows it to explore ideas that have led it to success. Keeping “up to date with the current trends in the plant-based industry through extensive market research,” Flexitarian Foods’ founders work as part of the team to produce ideas which, ultimately, lead to a deeper feeling of accomplishment – for the sake of the consumer, and the planet. Evan comments, “Our team culture is to make everyone feel like they are a part of the brand (Plantein) – not just working for it. Our team has regular meetings and conferences to keep up to date with the overall vision of both the company and brand.” By encouraging staff member’s professional development, Flexitarian Foods explores its vision “to be the most innovative food company, delivering the highest value and sustainable products to our millions of loyal customers.” “We proudly deliver high Value, Quality food products with committed Service our customers trust.” Always looking for ways to create more than food, but a culinary experience that all can enjoy, Flexitarian Foods responds to a growing market. Its service retail network provides it with opportunities to showcase its product line, and its manufacturing process ensures that each product exiting its doors is of the highest quality. Its broad range of clients include large supermarket chains (all Woolworths supermarkets nationally, selected IGA and independent supermarkets), Food Service and Retail Chains (YOMG, Lord of the Fries, Soul Origin). Plantein comes straight “from the goodness of plants.” It is an Australian-born business with a difference – its products come from the heart. Keeping prices competitive, Flexitarian Foods ensures affordability for anyone who wishes to explore a new way of consuming food – and for those who already living on a plantbased diet. This is so that all of its products are more accessible for the health of Australian people and, eventually, the rest of the world. Evan adds, “We aim for all of our products to contain a high source of protein and a reduction in sodium levels and saturated fats.” This new way of living can improve health conditions and overall health for people who wish to reduce the consumption of junk food – without feeling like they’re missing out on delicious flavours and textures. Evan shares, “The global plantbased food market is expected to reach USD $77.8 billion by 2025 and more than double by 2030 (source: Statista), with growing demand no longer just from those labelling themselves as vegans. Flexitarians are a new breed of consumer looking to actively reduce their meat consumption without giving up meat completely.” The flexitarian diet has become more popular in recent years, for many reasons. The planet needs us, plant-based food is more ethical, and our health is important. Furthermore, we each deserve to experience culinary artistry that elevates our meals from something standard, to something showstopping – and Flexitarian Foods is the catalyst for change. “One of Plantein’s key brand pillars is environmental sustainability. We are constantly researching and updating our product packaging to offer the most environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.” Evan comments on the development of the company. He says, “Our future plans are to continue to innovate and develop new recipes and products to add to our existing range and continue to grow these throughout various supermarket and food service retail networks. We also plan to continue to expand internationally and setup manufacturing facilities overseas to service our international markets as well as grow our brand presence.” Not only is Flexitarian Foods (Plantein) becoming a household name in Australia, but it has the power to expand on a global Best Plant-Based Meat Food Company – Victoria