Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Leading Bolt Solution Manufacturers 2023 Allthread Industries Pty Ltd is a highly revered Australian bolt manufacturer with a difference. It has worked on some of Australia’s biggest projects over the last 50 years and, as a direct result of this, it has become a leading business in the country. General Manager, Kent Humphrey, comments on some of the most important factors of Allthread as it wins its title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Allthread Industries Pty Ltd is a family owned business that is hyper focused on customer satisfaction for its pristine products. With a rich and proud history in Australian manufacturing, Allthread has been servicing the specialised bolt segment for half a century. However, Allthread manages to stay up to date by consistently creating pioneering solutions. General Manager, Kent Humphrey, shares, “We have continued to remain current and competitive through changing times and within markets that tended to favour imported product over that of Australian made.” Dec22508 Allthread proudly manufactures its anchor cages, for the wind farm market, with 97% Australian content. Its steel is sourced from BlueScope and Milltech Martin Bright. Kent says, “This is an industry benchmark that imports, and product importers cannot meet.” “Our company values are Service, Honesty, Reliability, Fairness and Resourcefulness, and a dedication to each customer. These values drive everything we do.” Its philosophy is to “offer more” throughout its service, value, and certifications. As it is “ISO 90012015 approved and is familiar with the extensive documentation requests now required by major projects in the way of MDR, ITP, WELDING (WPS, PQR), etc.,” Allthread is fully equipped to get every job done. Always prioritising the customer experience, Allthread supplies their products and ensures they stand the test of time by servicing them every time it is required. “Allthread has become a trusted partner with some of the recognisable major brands such as Bechtel, Technip, CB&I, Civmec, CPB & Leightons, and more.” Aiding businesses in the mining, construction, civil engineering, marine, water treatment, transport, and the renewables market, Allthread is a trusted partner for all bolt solutions. Kent adds, All these markets have seen an increase in activity over the past few years which can be attributed to the onshoring of many products that would traditionally been sourced in Asian and South East Asian countries.” Offering pre-made and custom designed products, Allthread introduces a plethora of options for each project undertaken. Its team has helped a surplus of businesses to complete their projects with their innovatively designed products, and they show no signs of slowing down as they continue to add value and capability to every project. Kent tells us, “It is our belief our employees are our greatest assets and what make a good company great.” Those running Allthread are very much part of the everyday efforts of the team, and the team is what makes Allthread great. Working together as a close-knit team, each employee brings their own characteristics and abilities to the finished product – whether that’s creative design or simply perfection in Allthread’s standard manufactured items. With a collaborative team, focused on the business culture, Allthread understands the increased demand of its products and works together to meet the needs of their extensive list of customers. With flexibility, employee growth potential, and passion, the entire team always works hard to evolve. Having recently joined the Sell and Parker Group of companies, Allthread has become part of something bigger than itself – the green movement. Trading since 1966, Sell and Parker Metal Recycling Services is prominent buyer of scrap metal in Sydney. Deeply rooted in its Australian origins, Sell and Parker is the perfect partner for Allthread, which looks towards a more sustainable way of creating its products. As the Australian Government is committed to green energy,