Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Dec22501 When it comes to the life sciences sector, it is of utmost importance that data is kept safe while being easy to access by the correct people. The databases that are collected and managed are absolutely irreplaceable and, therefore, must be developed and stored properly. Offering SaaS solutions for this sector, Prospection is taking the lead, innovating the sphere, and keeping technology at its most cutting-edge. We catch up with Prospection’s Kristina Turner as it wins not one, but two titles in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. “Prospection is a global SaaS technology company delivering actionable real world data insights in platform to the life sciences sector. It is focused on enabling precision medicine through actionable data insights.” SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription. SaaS is software that is stored online, rather than in a computer’s individual system. Available in real-time, SaaS is easily accessed any time and from anywhere in the world – which is exactly why it can be so valuable. Sometimes, computers are corrupted or compromised however, with SaaS protected in the Cloud, this form of data isn’t easily accessed by the wrong people. With a safe, secure, and easy-to-access collection of data, we can have answers right at our fingertips – available wherever we are. This on-demand software can be easily adapted to improve our business, so that we can reap the rewards for as long as we like. Precision medicine is medical care that is designed to enhance efficiency or benefit for patients, specifically by using genetic or molecular profiling – and it is invaluable to the advancement of medicine. With SaaS, precision medicine can be made easy and, because of those who dedicate their time and efforts to it, it is lifechanging. As a global SaaS technology business, Prospection is altering the life sciences sector throughout every part of the world. Kristina Turner tells us, “We work with pharmaceutical companies to inform strategy and tactics across the pharmaceutical lifecycle. Understanding the patients’ disease journey, identifying patient cohorts with unmet needs that can be address with different pharmaceutical interventions.” Doing everything at a click of a button, Prospection’s SaaS technology adds value to our work. From “senior leaders looking for highlights, a brand strategist who doesn’t have the time or expertise to analyse high volumes of data, or a medical or data science expert who needs more granular scientifically rigorous insights,” Prospection has a solution. Pharmaceutical companies are ever-evolving entities that give us hope for the future, but they wouldn’t be the same without businesses like Prospection. Kristina says, “As well as providing in depth understanding of the treatment landscape in different health conditions, so our clients can identify new opportunities/ growth segments that are addressable by their brand.” By providing opportunities for metamorphosis, Prospection has become a fantastic source of knowledge, experience, and aid – in what could seem like a difficult world to understand. “Companies leverage our platform tools and next best action guidance to develop tactical strategies to help the right patients access their treatments.” Prospection’s vision is “to enable precision medicine by guiding the right patient to receive the right treatment at the right time in their journey,” Kristina enthuses. It does this by getting to the root of the question, prioritising problem solving, utilising its intelligent team, and creating an impact on every business it works with. Uniquely, it integrates itself into its clients’ team – collaborating and becoming one with them. Kristina comments, “Prospection is like an extension of our clients’ team, we are not a set and forget platform company. We partner with our clients to build their data science and therapeutic expertise and make sure they are making full use of the data insights they extract.” By cooperating with real world patient data and pharmaceutical companies, Prospection’s 400million patients – from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA, and the UK – all benefit from its “cross-geographical view of health conditions, helping clients to think broadly.” Furthermore, Prospection is a transformational company. It is growing steadily every day as it continues to employ the best of the best in the health technology industry. As a home to engineering, data science, analytics, commercial, and product capability experts, Prospection is well on the Best Health Insights SaaS Tech Company 2023 & Australian Enterprise Excellence Award in Precision Medicine 2023 way to becoming a giant in the industry. The team is full to the brim with individuals who wish to make a positive impact on such a complex yet prominent industry. Kristina shares, “We love a positive and passionate mindset and welcome people who want to leave their mark in the health and tech industry.” Focused on a common goal, everyone involved with Prospection is on the same page, and always strive to level up the strategies related to development in the realm of medical technology advancement. “We provide patient and journey insights, therapeutic and market insights, sub-population cohort analyses, find unmet need, find patients in need and guide next action. Through data technology we enable precision medicine.” Winning Best Health Insights SaaS Tech Company 2023 and the Australian Enterprise Excellence Award in Precision Medicine 2023, Prospection is an award-winning name we won’t forget any time soon. The value of its work is unfathomable to some degree, as we, humankind, continue to evolve and tailor our medicinal technology to everchanging needs. The future is advanced, highly digital, and hugely beneficial to the health of everyone on the planet – and Prospection is a driving force behind human history. Contact: Kristina Turner Company: Prospection Web Address: Prospection