Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

For recruitment across a myriad of industries and sectors, Whitefox Recruitment provides services and solutions that shouldn’t be missed. Cutting through the noise of the industry, and the competition, Whitefox Recruitment has now won a title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Here we talk to its Managing Director, Luke Hemmings, to explore its services and unique selling points as it gains its award-winning status. “At Whitefox Recruitment, we believe in the power of people.” The Australian Capital Territory is home to a colourful mix of businesses. Covering tourism, hospitality, construction, Government, IT and technology, International and skilled migration, and many more, the incomparable Whitefox Recruitment (Whitefox) utilises its fine-tuned team to exceed expectations in the world of recruitment. “With a focus on tailored recruitment and HR consulting, Whitefox Recruitment provides Australian businesses with a variety of services to support their growth.” As a specialist recruitment agency, with three years in the industry, Whitefox has swiftly become one to watch. Its Managing Director, Luke Hemmings, says, “At Whitefox Recruitment, we put people first. We believe in honesty, transparency, and good communication. And when you’re honest with your clients, candidates, and employees, they trust you more. We believe that when our clients, candidates and employees feel involved every step of the way, they feel more confident in their decisions. That confidence leads to successful outcomes in everything we do.” This dedication to its values promises better days for any business, and Whitefox has prevailed throughout a plethora of challenges. Luke tells us, “The business has grown rapidly despite significant challenges including bushfires and floods in December 2019 and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.” Its hard work is continuously paying off as it strives to turn each challenge into an opportunity for growth, for itself and its clients. Its strong business values, strategies, and philosophies have pushed Whitefox to the forefront of the industry. Luke shares, “We’re guided by our passion for providing clients and candidates with tailored services to match them with the right opportunities and help them achieve their goals.” Ultimately, it is this compassion towards people that we need more of in the world, and Whitefox is leading the movement for the Australian Capital Territory – and beyond! Its team is made up of likeminded individuals who strive to grow other businesses by helping them to recruit talent – talent that is unrivalled, invaluable, and unmissable. Whitefox is “committed to creating a safe space where everyone feels heard, valued, and seen for who they truly are,” and the team is able to flourish under its management. This positive atmosphere helps Whitefox to improve other people’s businesses on a daily basis, ensuring that only the best matches are found for their job roles. Luke says, “We’ve been connecting candidates with the best opportunities since we started, and we’re not stopping now.” “We believe that when you take the time to understand someone’s needs, goals, and vision for their future, you can change their life. We do this by engaging with people on a personal level and taking the time to really get to know them.” Offering its outsources, virtual HR services, Whitefox helps to “develop, implement and optimise business’s HR strategy with actionable, commercially focused guidance.” Whitefox has a multitude of tricks up its sleeve for strategic and workforce planning, elevating every business it touches. It is an expert in all areas of recruitment and HR, with full knowledge of employment law, and it shares its knowledge so that every business it works with can feel confident, fulfilled, and supported. “Whitefox offers businesses dedicated, on-call advice and business HR strategy without the costs, stress and hassle of a full-time team member or department. We listen to and understand business leaders’ long-term objectives and create bespoke HR solutions to suit their needs.” Whitefox provides a lifeline for businesses looking to do more than survive – it guarantees new staff that can generate growth, expansion, and success. Finding someone who fits the description, and delivers everything that they promise, can be difficult however, Whitefox “matches candidates and businesses with the right opportunities to reach their growth goals.” In November 2022, Whitefox rebranded from Coceptive Recruitment to Whitefox Recruitment to echo its evolution. “The name Whitefox is derived from the Greek word ‘skotos’ meaning dark or obscure. It refers to both the colour of the fox but also its stealthy nature – two qualities that are important in recruitment,” says Luke. By rebranding, Whitefox has become more aligned with itself, ensuring the nature of the team is reflected in the very thing that clients see first, its name. Whitefox stays true to its name, and its roots as an Australian and proud business, by putting its best foot forward throughout every endeavour. Luke comments, “We value the heritage of our brand. The reputation in the marketplace absolutely speaks for itself. Our relaunch is a big signal to the market that we are as committed to our original ideals as ever and signifies our confidence in all that we do.” For the future, Whitefox is set to continue on its path to unmatched success in its area. It looks towards a very exciting time indeed, as it keeps people at the very heart of its every action. “We take the time to find out where people are coming from and what they want out of life and work. And then help them get there – not just because it’s our job, but because it feels good.” Branching out into other states is next on the agenda for Whitefox as it continues to grow at a rapid rate. After growing its candidate database to over 7,000 candidates, Whitefox has helped to expand businesses all around it. It was a finalist in the Canberra Local Business Awards (ACT), 2020, 2021 and 2022, Australian Small Business Champion Awards as Best Recruitment Agency (Australia) 2021, 2022, and 2023, and TIARA Recruitment Awards as Agency Rising Star (Global) 2020 and 2021. Most Efficient Recruitment Agency – ACT