Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Whenever you’re in the care of someone else, you may have feedback that you’re unable to provide for them. Whether you struggle with speech, or aren’t sure how to effectively articulate how you feel to the people providing for you, Rate Us Applications (Rate Us) has an easy solution for you. It recognises that sometimes words aren’t the easiest tool to use, especially if it’s difficult for you to speak your mind. In response, it has developed a fantastic method for users to engage with their service providers, all with clear instructions and information readily available. So, if you’re someone looking to receive the best possible care from your service provider, Rate Us can help ensure your voice is heard. When trying to offer feedback to anyone, sometimes it’s a task in itself to forward that feedback efficiently. No matter who you are, the process can often be complicated and convoluted. But if you struggle in any manner even slightly, this difficulty can be amplified to the point of being overwhelming. Luckily, Rate Us is very aware of just how much of a challenge getting the appropriate changes to your care can pose among both elderly and disabled individuals particularly. That’s why Rate Us was developed. As an app that can be downloaded for free from both the App Store and the Google Play Store, Rate Us offers its services to those within the Aged Care and Disability Service Sectors. It acts as a voice for you, allowing you to truly convey your experiences, meaning your providers can easily get a complete understanding of the quality behind their services. As a result, it acts as a benefit for both client and provider – with your voice heard and your feedback quick and easy to receive, adaptations can be made on the fly to improve your care. Since it works primarily with clients funded by the NDIS, every individual within Rate Us’ team have each adapted to the role of plan manager in order to support their clients as best as they can. With these tools, Rate Us is able to manage its clients’ services and funding, all whilst allowing its clients to have full control and choice over what it is that they want. Rate Us makes it far easier for these needs to be communicated through its easy-to-use app, and, regardless of your NDIS plan period, Rate Us will work alongside you to put you first. Rest assured, you are at the top if Rate Us’ priority list. Whatever it is that you need in order to be provided with the perfect care, completely tailored to you, Rate Us will do everything in its power to make it happen. By adopting a one-on-one approach, the team treats every client as an individual with their own requirements and opinions. Your voice is what matters most to Rate Us, which is why it’s always offering options for feedback on itself, alongside care providers. Additionally, Rate Us doesn’t just work with you, but with your family and support personnel too. This way, it can easily confirm whether or not the service that you’re receiving is the best available to you. Unlike its competitors, Rate Us is dedicated to ensuring that, whatever it is that the client needs, it can provide the highest quality service it can find. For example, as stated by Lorraine Chowdhury, our contact for Rate Us, “Several clients have expressed a type of art therapy within their plan. When researching art therapy programs on offer by external providers in our region, we were not convinced our clients would receive the best outcomes, therefore we sourced qualified art therapy tools”. Through this, Rate Us has made it clear that it will go above and beyond to ensure that, not only are you receiving the most out of your NDIS plan, but that the quality is as high as it can be. Thankfully, Rate Us not only has a fantastic attitude towards its clients, but towards its staff too. Each team member’s welling is focused on, culminating in a cohesive working environment where staff members can truly flourish. Rate Us allows for positivity to thrive among its team, and believes that this is crucial towards delivering its immaculate services to its clients. Every person hired into the Rate Us team shares the same ideals as the pre-existing members of staff, and this ultimately contributes towards such an understanding and empathetic workforce. Rate Us is a business that is completely devoted to the care and love needed to support people with any sort of disability. The team behind the business found themselves dissatisfied with services offered by others, and realised that changes needed to be made in order to truly offer a care experience to any that needed it. As a result, Rate Us has come to be known as the Most Compassionate Service Provider – North Coast NSW, with award-winning dedication that is bound to continue well into the future. With such a firm resolve to do what’s best for every one of its clients, Rate Us has managed to cement its place among the best care providers in the field. Not only is it a company fully focused on its clients and their wellbeing, but on how to constantly better itself to improve its practises even more. So, if you’re looking to optimise your NDIS plan to truly get the most out of it, but aren’t sure how to provide such feedback, Rate Us is more than willing to assist you. Disability and age shouldn’t silence you, and Rate Us will guarantee that your voice is heard no matter what. Contact: Lorraine Chowdhury Company: Rate Us Applications Web Address: Most Compassionate Service Provider – North Coast NSW