Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23447 Gut and bowel health is something that some of us truly struggle with, and struggle even more to express ourselves in order to get the help we truly need. Enemas aren’t a new concept. However, Happy Bum Co. introduces a new way of using the power of the enema to take hold of our lives once again. We talk to Happy Bum Co.’s Founder, Kyah Seary, as it wins this esteemed award in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Founder Kyah Seary did more than stumble upon a remedy, she ignited a flame fuelled by pure passion and decided to share it with the world – so that we can all experience relief, relaxation, and good health. Happy Bum Co. comprehends just how important gut health is for every individual. Thus, its detox solutions are tailored to the needs of each person. It supports the immune system and combats fatigue, inflammation, bad gut health, and is a huge advocate for women’s health in relation to pregnancy, pre-conception, hormonal imbalances, and much more. “Gut health is paramount as 70% of your immune system is in your gut and if your body is not eliminating properly you are going to experience symptoms from an overburdened system.” Enemas can support everyone’s health to breathe life back into their everyday endeavours. Freeing us up to achieve more, feel happier, and, of course, lead a healthy life with less to no complications or discomfort. Happy Bum Co. was born out of a sheer love for aiding others and keeping everyone healthy, happy, and glowing. She tells us, “Our values as a company are deep rooted in inspiring, educating, supporting and empowering our customers to take their health into their own hands and find relief and better health using enemas.” Focusing on creating a brand that is down to earth and compassionate, Kyah has become a brilliant driving force in the health industry. Kyah truly believes in “keeping it real, being honest, and transparent with customers and this has really resonated with our customers and contributed to our success.” “From liver detoxification, constipation, hormone imbalances or parasites cleansing, there is something for everyone and we have opened the conversation for those suffering from embarrassing gut issues to speak up and get relief.” Sharing her story with others, Kyah introduces a natural remedy that has impacted her life in the best way possible – and she wants to distribute that feeling of freedom with everyone who needs that extra help in unlocking their full health potential. Her business, Happy Bum Co. creates a platform for people who feel as though they may be going through their issues alone. Kyah says, “When you buy a Happy Bum Bag or Happy Bum Co. product, you are a part of a global tribe of those seeking natural health solutions to their health through enemas.” Although there aren’t masses of competitors in the market, or many that go noticed the way Happy Bum Co. does, Kyah knows that those competitors don’t offer the same services that Happy Bum Co. can. Kyah shares, “those who do sell other enema kits are not generally branded and they do not come with any support which is key in ensuring customers can use the product safely, effectively and feel positive about the experience.” Its dedication to the health of its customers takes the stage, front and center. Holding a space for people, and giving nurturing support, Happy Bum Co. offers something others simply cannot – the feeling of being united. Supporting a huge number of people in their gut and bowel health journeys, Happy Bum Co. shows care and empathy towards each customer from anywhere in the world. Winning Detox & Gut Health Specialists of the Year 2023 is no small feat, but Happy Bum Co. has done it. Its kindness has gone a long way and doesn’t go unnoticed. Gaining its title, Happy Bum Co. has gained even more recognition for its work. It is proud of the work that it does as it continuously aids individuals to feel more free. “We have taken a once really taboo topic that previously no one was talking about and Detox & Gut Health Specialists of the Year 2023 turned it into a fun and open space where people feel comfortable to get the help they need and are guided how to use the products safely.” The future looks incredible for Happy Bum Co. as it “changes the world one enema at a time.” In 2024, Happy Bum Co. is due to open a warehouse in Europe, further spreading its products on a global scale. Its Happy Bum Bag recently won Best Wellness Product of the Year and, here at APAC Insider, we are pleased to present it with such a prestigious title, and we are sure that it can provide solace for anyone in need of some extra TLC. Contact: Kyah Seary Company: Happy Bum Co. Web Address: