Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23544 The world of accountancy can seem, to put it lightly, an overwhelming and often confusing landscape for business owners to navigate. It helps, then, to have an expert on your side – enter Vantage Tax & Business Services. On the back of the firm’s success in the programme, we spoke with Director Nick Polites to find out more. Vantage Tax & Business Services has cultivated a strong reputation in Victoria through a perseverance and commitment towards exceptional care, and expert advice. While many in the greater accountancy world aim to do just that, it’s clear from the outset that Vantage Tax & Business Services delivers on the promises it makes from the very beginning. Accountancy is a results-driven, regulationdriven, legal-driven industry – expertise is, once you get to the foundational elements, the key to success and Vantage Tax & Business Services certainly has it. “We have one of the highest rates of retention when compared to some benchmarking reports for our industry. We focus on the people in the business, their fears, goals, and experiences. We tailor our advice to each client accordingly to their specific needs. A cheerleader, a coach, and a support system for our business clients. “We celebrate the highs and ride the lows with our clients. We are not afraid to have tough conversations to ensure future business success and keep our clients focused on their business goals. We are approachable and available whenever our clients require. We care about our clients, and we love Tax and Business advisory,” Nick affirms from the beginning. Now, arguably, more than ever before businesses need a helping hand. We’ve had an unprecedented global pandemic, causing frankly unknowable repercussions across industries and sectors and fields the world over. Companies need guidance and that guidance is provided by Nick, and his colleagues’, expertise. “Our philosophy is to provide practical advice and exceptional client service while ensuring that we treat and advise our clients as we expect from professionals. Our services vary from daily compliance work to high-level advisory work across all aspects of the business journey. Our clientele is from all walks of life and spans all industries. Ranging from exOlympians, TV celebrities, highnet-worth families, and medical practitioners to our start-ups, construction, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality sectors, to name a few. We possess various hard and soft skills to perform at our best, as well as continued on-going training and support. Our responsiveness is second to none. This is where we stand out in the crowd. “At Vantage Tax & Business Services, we work closely with our clients by investing time and effort to provide the best possible solutions. We regard our clients as part of our family. Our philosophy is simple - We’re prompt, we’re effective, and we are transparent. The most common feedback we’ve received from our clients is that our responsiveness and care for them makes us feel like a part of their business - not just their Bean Counter!” With all that in mind, and driven by client-centricity, Nick moves on to discuss the latest trends in accountancy. Like most industries, automation and AI is making waves in terms of impacting the ‘way things are done’ within accountancy. Some use it as a crutch or a marketing tool, Vantage Tax & Business Services uses it to enhance its already prestigious offerings. “We have recently adopted technology to enhance our practice for today and into the future and, in turn, guide our clients along the same path. By understanding these trends and implementing these into our own business, we plan to stay abreast of all recent innovations for ours and our client’s industries,” Nick adds. Of course, AI isn’t the only trend that is rocking accountancy at the moment. As aforementioned, the COVID pandemic has changed industries in vast ways. Nick moves on to explain how Vantage Tax & Business Services adapted to these changes. “The main key sector developments initiated by the evolution of Covid revolve around remote workforces, data security, cloud-based software, and online marketing, to name a few. As an Accounting practice wanting to be at the forefront of development, we are constantly researching ways to adapt and change with the times. We offer our staff the opportunity to work remotely as required and we are moving to be entirely cloudbased with all our systems, providing staff access no matter where they may be. “With increased data being communicated electronically, cyber threats are heightened, and businesses need to consider this risk. The risk needs to be understood and managed appropriately. Cloudbased software provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for secure online data storage. With more and more people online, businesses need to find ways to market themselves in this digital age, which is the same for accounting practices. We have recently begun a full review of our digital footprint and re-branding. We are looking at additional services and collaborating with other professionals to bring a holistic offering to our client base and the business sector. All these updates are very exciting as we look forward to what the future holds. We are even more excited about passing on this knowledge and experience to each client and future client.” Let’s take a moment to explore how Vantage Tax & Business Services’ internal culture reflects its mission and core values. It should be no surprise that the client-centric, compassionate ethos extends to the team. “Vantage Tax & Business Services’ internal culture reflects our client service philosophy - one of family. We have regular get-togethers; whether it be a barbeque at one’s home, a colleague’s wedding, or an engagement, the team enjoys one another’s company outside the work environment. We are friends, colleagues, and a support system to each other, both in a professional and personal context. Our partners foster a collegiate environment. We trust and respect each other’s opinions and views - an inclusive and open dialogue is encouraged. We don’t have a hierarchy. “Vantage Tax & Business Services places a high value on honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. We enjoy familyorientated individuals as this aligns well with our office and client service culture. We want to continually build a family culture and ensure that all staff members care for one another and our clients,” Nick explains. As for the future of the firm – expansion. Vantage Tax & Most Innovative Business Accounting Firm - Melbourne Tax & Business Services Your Business is our Business - Your Success is our Reputation