Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23285 With offices in Australia and the United States, Biz Focused is geared to providing its clients with very specific and sustainable results to ensure the growth of their businesses. Founder and CEO, Eddie Anderson tells us more about the firm and its commitment to clients as it is named in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Biz Focused is a performance advertising agency specialising in lead generation on a pay per lead service model, a productised marketing model which promotes performance and ROI. With core values of thoroughness, tenacity, professionalism, and trifactor win (it must be a win-win-win; win for the end consumer, win for the client, win for Biz Focused), the firm offers services including lead generation (pay per lead); marketing lists (custom audience lists, marketing lists, data packets for telemarketing campaigns); and white label lead generation fulfilment (for other marketing agencies and affiliate networks). “With a focus on constantly improving our service via feedback from our clients over the years, we leverage our core values in everyday operations,” explains Eddie Anderson, the founder and CEO of Biz Focused. “This could be on the telephone with a new prospect and rigorously ensuring the prospect will yield minimum 10-times ROI from their investment, or be it intimately managing advertising campaigns to make sure we deliver on the promise of our service.” Boasting the promise of a predictable volume of leads, scalability minimums and maximums, and the formation of a sustainable business for clients through consistent lead flow, results and ROI, the team has seen $1 billion in client revenue generated so far – an incredible feat. While there may be numerous advertising agencies who offer lead generation on a pay per lead model, very few can match Biz Focused’s deliverance of a consistently high volume of leads every single day, year after year. Eddie takes us through other key differentiators which set the firm aside and distinguish it from competitors. “We offer money back guarantees on service payments should a new client not achieve the results we stipulate,” he states. “We focus our efforts on organisations from numerous industries where the missing piece for growth and sustainability within their business is client acquisition – this is where we come in. Our predictable lead flow, predictable results, and ROI gives our clients a competitive edge when they plan to open up a new territory in a different state.” There are certain trends emerging within the industry, which Eddie elaborates upon, highlighting how Biz Focused has reacted in order to ensure it is always at the forefront of new developments. The importance of traffic channel/source diversification and utilisation is crucial to the survival or consistent lead flow at a manageable cost. Afterall, if the cost per acquisition to acquire a customer exceeds the available margin, businesses simply cannot sustain their operations – thus the importance of maintaining, upgrading, or diversifying new skills to provide lead generation services is paramount. “Without truly knowing how your clients and how the market operates, it is very easy to fall trap to perceived value and expectation on the performance of the lead generation service,” Eddie continues. “With this in mind, spending hundreds of hours collecting and analysing data to understand the economics of each industry we service has allowed Biz Focused to adapt and pivot to ensure our service meets qualitative and quantitative needs of the markets and industries.” The second trend is the tech stack utilised by agencies, lead generators, and lead aggregators. The importance of utilising an advanced lead distribution platform to efficiently route leads to clients and effectively validate and verify new leads to block or remove unqualified leads which do not meet the criteria, bogus leads with fake names, wrong or disconnected numbers, duplicate entries. The deployment of Biz Focused’s lead distribution tech upgrade in late 2019 revolutionalised not only its internal operations but also its capabilities to filter and classify leads before they were sent to clients. “All validations, verifications, and suppression lists transformed our service offer, and it allowed Biz Focused to install these upgrades without any extra cost to our clients, and execute them prior to our clients receiving leads.” In a fiercely competitive and tough industry, internal culture is important and Eddie instils an environment of authenticity, honesty, trust, and a ‘can-do’ attitude. These qualities mean the team appreciates each other’s company and has fun in the office, as well as enjoying team building events outside of business operations. “These qualities most definitely contributed to Biz Focused’s achievements and success because we knew we could rely on one another,” he enthuses. “There was always a way to solve a problem because we focused on unified input.” Other qualities Eddie looks for when recruiting new members include background experience where applicants or team members can articulate their stressors and motivators, being able to highlight their bad habits but also their strengths as the forthcoming of such information creates a bond and yields strength in the organisation. “The chain is only as strong as the weakest link,” he adds. “So we focus on strengthening all links – this could be done through improved working conditions, extra holidays, flexible working hours, attractive salaries, and so on. Grit, determination, cando attitude, focus, and good energy are the perfect mix.” And these strengths have proved to be invaluable when it comes to the firm’s overall success, particularly the achievement of the recent title of Best Home Services Data Specialists 2023 in the Australian Enterprise Awards. Now, as the future beckons, Eddie has big plans, including the further improvement of its lead generation and Best Home Services Data Specialists 2023