Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Specialising in fully electronic elevators known for their superior functionality, reliability and sustainability, Next Level Elevators provides industry leading residential and commercial lifts. After 10 years innovating in the space, the company continues to redefine the elevator industry in Australia with its cutting-edge technology and unrivalled designs. With outstanding reviews from its customers, the company certainly lives up to its name, providing next level products with incredible services. Next Level Elevators provides the Australian public with beautifully crafted all-electric elevators designed and manufactured in Italy. Having worked closely with elevator inventor Gianluca Polensig to create innovative products built for the Australian market, the company offers only the most beautiful and functional elevators to its customers. Its products aim to provide solutions to challenges faced by architects, builders and homeowners alike. So confident in the premium quality of its products, Next Level Elevators offers an impressive 7-year warranty with purchase on their residential lifts. The company offers elevators for use in both residential and commercial spaces, as well as lift shafts for elevator installation. It offers three residential elevators, Eltec Volare, Eltec HLB and Eltec HLG. Firstly, the Eltec Volare is one of the most affordable and beautiful lifts on the market, which comes complete with a unique, cost effective and easy to install shaft. It is stocked locally and comes with a short lead time. Secondly, the Eltec HLB is the latest in Italian design and technology, as well as one of Australia’s most environmentally friendly lifts with a unique electric drive system. It has a sleek design, making it a seamless addition to any interior space, striking the perfect balance between style and functionality. The last of the residential lifts is the Eltec HLG, which is the pinnacle of elevator design and technology, with customisable premium finishes and an enhanced motor. It is the most eyecatching lift on the market, creating a stunning statement piece for any space. In terms of commercial elevators, Next Level Elevators offers the Eltec Access series, which comply with BCA/NCC standards and are designed with wheelchair access in mind. These elevators are perfect for application to restricted use situations. Lastly, the company provides lift shafts, including the AU shaft, a practical and affordable solution for elevator installation, and the TA freestanding shaft, an iconic glass elevator shaft for installation in both indoor and outdoor spaces. All Next Level Elevators’ products can be viewed at its showrooms located in Melbourne and Sydney. With a selection of eye-catching, modern and customisable elevators, the company’s products certainly stand out in terms of design. However, what makes Next Level Elevators so unique is the sustainability of its products. All its elevators run on single phase 230v 10A power supply, meaning they are some of the most efficient elevators on the Australian market. This situates Next Level Elevators as a leading provider of superior alternatives to inefficient hydraulic lifts. Furthermore, the company is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), meaning it can supply qualifying participants with personal mobility equipment, home modifications, and care assistance products. This highlights the reliability and safety of the company’s elevators. Dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for customers, Next Level Elevators prides itself on its quick and seamless installation process and its ability to provide the compete service, from manufacture and design to ongoing maintenance Leading Elevator Specialists - Victoria